Safety At The Laser Clinic

 Safety Tips Before Laser Hair Removal


  1. Suntanning – Laser treatment is most effective when the light meets dark hair on a light skin tone. Tanned epidermis leads to low contrast of the skin and hair, thus may effect the safety of laser hair removal. If you plan on having lasered, avoid the sun rays and tanning a few month before.
  2. Waxing– The laser light requires the dark melanin in the hair in order to turn into heat and destroy the roots. Removing the hair from the root might have an effect on the laser absorbed.  Do not do any epilating or electrolysis one month before the treatment.  Waxed area is harder to be lasered and most of the energy will be passed to the skin.
  3. Shave – It’s much less of a laser safety guidance, but more of an effectiveness suggestion. Shave the hair 1-2 days before the treatment, the stump remaining will absorb better of the laser light when it is growing thick.
  4. Cosmetics – Creams, deodorants, perfumes and make-up can cause a reflective layer that may affect the safety of the hair removal procedure.
  5. The right Laser– Selecting the correct laser machine and laser beam to be used is crucial for your laser safe hair removal. While an improper laser beam is used on your skin yu might be at hazard of skin burns and scarring. Using the wrong laser wavelength can cause skin damage, burns and pigment alterations like skin white spots or dark pigmentation spots  that appear later on.

Safety During the Laser Removal Process

Personal protection gear– The laser beam can harm your eyes even by mistake. One glimpse of the beam and the eye safety and sight can be endangered. Insist to get laser safety goggles ! Eye protection is vital and must be worn throughout laser hair removal treatment.

Cooling devices – Infections can be picked up via any cooling devices employed following laser hair removal treatments. Make sure the person doing the treatments uses alcohol 70% to disinfect all pieces touching your skin.

High risk areas – Laser light should not be used to remove hair beneath the top of the eyebrow. Follow this laser hair removal safety tip and avoid the risk of blindness !

Skilled laser technician– The professionalism of the person using the laser is a big factor of your safety.

Find out in advance how many clients he or she has done. Ask how long do they use this specific laser system they will be using on your skin. If it is new.. they might not be skilled enough or handled all the side effects. How many people with your skin type have they treated. Remember they might be skilled in diode laser but less in intense pulsed Light… is there a physician, preferably a dermatologist or plastic surgeon at the clinic, while you are getting treated.

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 Safety tips after a laser hair removal.

Various lasers wave length are made to penetrate different layers of the skin and affect different colors and shades of skin tones. In case a few days after the laser session you see beginning of scarring, burns or pigmentation changes this needs your utmost alert ! First you must go to the clinic and let them check these side effects. This is important from two aspects:

1. They have seen many people and have the right perspective of side effects. They might consult you to change the treatment or cancel it altogether..

2. Insurance point of view – Take a few pictures of the area burned or scarred. Also make sure the visit to the clinic with the side effects gets on their records.  This is important so the clinic can not claim month later that the burns have been caused from other reasons.

3. Go see a dermatologist.

The most harmful side effect can be hypo-pigmentation – white spots; because this side effect is usually permanent !  Other skin pigmentation side effects dark spots, burn scars or skin discoloration there are some solutions.

Safety measures after a laser session – Stay way from sun exposure. Use high sunscreen (SPF 30), wear a hat and long sleeves, walk in the shade, use sun glasses (to reduce the overall melanin reaction to the sun rays), use soothing lotions (usually Aloe, but ask the clinic for recommendations). Check the area for pigmentation changes.

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