Amazon’s Best Laser Hair Removal ‘At Home’ Systems Reviewed

Amazon Best Laser Hair Removal Systems Review

Unless you choose to spend your money at the skin care clinic, the only other sensible way to remove your hair at home, is to buy from Amazon a home laser hair removal system. There are dozen of home hair removal systems, and it might be impossible to know which of the systems is best for you. Most of the systems you will find at Amazon online store, are hair removal machines you can relay on, and most of the reviews you see are honest reviews and not promotional ones.

In this short article we will try and cover the best sellers at-home laser hair removal systems sold at Amazon.

At Home IPL and Laser Hair Removal Systems

When checking for ‘laser hair removal’ systems, most people do not know the difference between laser and IPL. In this review we will cover both at-home laser systems and at-home IPL systems, because they will meet the needs of those looking for ‘laser’ hair removal. IPL is a slightly newer technology than laser, the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) does the same effect on the skin and hair, but it is safer than laser and can allow faster treatments because the IPL flash window and pulse re-charge rate is faster than traditional laser systems.

At Amazon hair removal category you can refine the search for either a specific product ‘Tria Laser’, or for a general search like ‘laser hair removal’.

When you search Amazon for laser hair removal systems, you might come across professional systems which are not for home use. These lasers have a high energy laser pulse, and can be used only with safety goggles and other skin clinic protection gear. These systems cost thousands of dollars ($2000 or more) and are not meant for untrained people.

Amazon’s # 1 laser Hair Removal Best Seller

Amazon Hair Removal LaserThe leading Amazon’s best seller for the at-home laser hair removal system, is the TRIA LASER. The Tria laser is a home system for removing hair, which has been the first ever at home laser cleared by the FDA.

The Tria Laser is manufactured by Tria Beauty and the product you see at Amazon is the new Tria.

The system was upgraded this year, and the new Tria Laser has better performance specs and is more user friendly to use. On top of all the Tria Laser price was reduced slightly making it not only one of the best laser systems for home use, but one of the most affordable systems too. The main advantages the NEW Tria system has, is a faster pulse rate, an easier digital control panel, a faster charge rate for the cordless laser hand piece and improved safety measures like the dark-skin sensors.

The Tria Laser Pros is that it is easy to use, nicely designed, and for most people will cause a permanent reduction (not removal) in the hair over their body. Hair will get lighter and thinner, and may sometimes disappear completely. the cordless system allows it to be used any where at your own privacy.

The Tria Laser has 3.5 recommendations stars (out of 5 possible) with a large customer review number of over 80 people reviewing the Tria Laser. The Tria cons are that for some people the Tria is not strong enough and the hair keeps growing again and again, some of the customers who ave the TRIA 1 star, are disappointed that the hair removal is not permanent, but laser hair removal is never a permanent solution, and they must have expected other results. The Tria sessions are rather slow (compared to IPL) and a slow specific session needs to be done each time.

Amazon’s # 1 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) System

IPL Hair Removal System AmazonThe IPL systems sold at Amazon use light to preform the same hair removal process like the laser systems. The at-home IPL systems have a wider window so they can cover larger skin surfaces with any flash, this means faster skin coverage and faster hair removal sessions. The flash may be less intense than laser so the treatment is somewhat less painful.

Amazon sells many IPL systems, the best hair removal IPL system sold at Amazon is the Silk’n SensEpil.

This IPL system is the leader of the IPL hair removal systems, with an effective system which is widely used all over the world. The Silk’n SensEpil is cleared by the FDA and by the Canada Health for hair removal treatments at home.

The Silk’n Pros are that the system has a wide flash window, and can treat a leg within 30 minutes while a laser session may take 1 hour. Like the laser systems the Silk’n SensEpil has 5 levels of light power which allows each person to use the most comfortable level for their hair removal session or body part. The system is not cordless so it does not need charging breaks and can be used continuously until the session is done.

The Silk’n SensEpil cons are that the flash lamp is good for 750 pulses only, this should be enough for a complete body hair removal process, but most people may need more sessions and will add 1-2 more lamps when buying the system or getting the Silk’n Combo-Deal. The red color is a feminine color and men might feel less comfortable using a ‘women’s machine’.

Elos Hair Removal System At Amazon

Amazon Best Elos Hair RemovalThe new technology called Elos (Electro-Optical-Synergy) is sold at Amazon with a new hair removal at-home product called the – Me my Elos. Currently this is the only Elos hair removal system sold at Amazon, with it’s Me Elos system accessories the Me shaver and Me Epilator.

The Me-my-Elos is an advanced new IPL system, that uses IPL and Radio Frequency to complete hair removal sessions more effectively and faster than any other hair removal system on the market. The Me Elos pros are that it is much faster than other systems, a leg session can be completed within 10 minutes and a whole body within 30 minutes.

The IPL lamp is good for 3000 flashes! And with the RF (Elos Radio Frequency) it is easier to use, as the Me only hovers over the skin and the RF does the hair removal process. The Elos is safer for darker skin colors and tanned people who can not use other hair removal systems for safety reasons.

The Me my Elos main con is the price tag. It costs nearly double than ‘regular’ IPL systems, even though it has superior advantages over all other systems for too many people it will not be an affordable home removal solution.

Amazon’s Best Sellers Hair Removal Systems Conclusion

There are many hair removal systems sod at Amazon, some like the No!No! are getting low rates and low reviews mainly because of bad customer care. The Amazon at home laser hair removal systems brought here are not only leading and well known but also have better reputation for their customer care and after sale service.


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