Dark Skin – Home Laser Hair Removal Options

African American Home Laser Hair Removal

Unfortunately the physics that make the light energy work so well are those that make it more risky for dark skin complexion people. The laser hair removal safety is based on the fact that when light is absorbed by dark matter, it turns into heat, when the skin is dark the skin may be heated. For example when two cars stay in the sun, the dark car temperature will be higher than the white car. 

IPL and Laser Risks For Dark Skin

When the laser light or the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is projected at the skin, the light meets the melanin cells. In the regular cases if the skin has light tone and the hair is dark tone – all the laser light energy will be absorbed by the hair and it will heat up until it is destroyed. 

For people with darker skin (African American) this is more complicated because the laser or IPL light will be absorbed at the skin surface which is rich in Melanin – and this may cause soaring, blisters and in extreme cases burns and scars. While there is some solutions at the expensive Medi-Spas or the Aesthetic Dermatology Clinics with different types of laser systems and wavelength, there is less options for home laser (or IPL) systems for dark skin people. 

What Is The Fitzpatrick Scale For Skin Tones

There are commonly 6 skin types divided into color tone groups, (Fitzpatrick Scale), they are a combination of color and the sensitivity reaction to sun light (do they tan or get burns from sunlight rays). 

  • Tones 1-3 are: Pale white or freckled, White to Light Brown, Yellowish skin complexions, tend to tan and sunburn.
  • Types 4 – 5 are Olive skin tones moderate brown and 5 is Dark Brown skin color, rarely get burn from sunlight.
  • Type 6 – Is very Dark Brown to Black – never get sunburn.

People with skin tone 1-3 can use the home laser systems easily as they function best on light skin, as long as the hair is dark and there is skin/hair contrast. 

Nd Yag laser hair removal

The Nd Yag laser hair removal is usually referred to “dark skin laser” as this type of laser can treat tanned to dark skin type. But there are some downsides you may wish to know. First of all there are no home Nd Yag laser hair removal systems. So Dark skin people do not have a Nd Yag laser option at home only at the laser clinic which has a Nd Yag laser hair removal system. 

Some other downsides are that the Nd Yag laser is more painful than other lasers, the Nd Yag laser can cause burns, scars, redness, skin discoloration, and swelling, and on the overall has less effective in achieving long-term results. 

Home Laser Solutions For Dark Skin

Dark Skin Sensor Lock

First of all there are not to many home laser machines to choose from. There are two main laser systems to pick from the TRIA Hair Removal Laser and the DM 6000 Hair Removal Laser, both use diode laser for the light beam and hair removal process, so non of them is suitable for dark skin treatments. 

If you insist on having a laser system for home hair removal, and your skin is tanned but not black (up to type 4) then from both home laser machines the TRIA is safer. The TRIA is allowed for laser hair removal for skin tone 4, and has a special Dark-Skin sensor that locks the TRIA from projecting a laser beam at darker skin tone complexion. So if you have a type 4 skin tone, the TRIA hair removal kit can serve your needs. 

Take in mind that darker skin means you might need more sessions to complete the hair removal plan, and the treatments might be more painful because less light reaches the hair and some of it gets to be absorbed by the skin. 

IPL + RF Elos Technology

Me my Elos Hair Removal

Me Elos for Darker Skin

There are new technologies today that are a better solution for hair removal than the ‘old’ lasers. You might have heard of the Elos technology which is invented by Syneron. Syneron is leading manufacturer for skin clinics and aesthetics medical treatments, and they have released lately a home hair removal system based on their Elos technology called Me (my Elos Hair Removal). 

In short Elos means using two methods in synergy to reach the correct temperature that destroys the hair. The Me Elos technology uses IPL (Intense pulse light) to ‘pre-heat’ and Radio Frequency (RF) to complete the effect. Because the IPL is not in the maximum energy level the Me Elosis safe for even more skin types than other home systems. The Me Elos has another advantage which is much faster sessions and less time consuming treatments. 

Unfortunatelythe Syneron Elos technology though is very good but cost more than ‘old’ laser and IPL kits, so still many women and men who can not afford the extra expense suffer more painful and longer hair removal sessions. 

So dark skin people who want home hair removal device, can use the Me my Elos, it is not laser but IPL (+RF) and can be a solution for darker skin tones and for those who can afford it. 

See price and shipping for the Me my Elos Hair Removal System 

The Affordable Electrolysis eGlide Roller

100% Dark Skin Safe

For dark skin, any light hair removal nay be uncomfortable or may take longer sessions to complete. There is another home electric solutions which is not Laser or IPL bt is the most safe solution for dark skin.

Verseo eGlide Electrolysis Roller

Electrolysis hair removal not long ago done only at the Spa and cosmetic clinics, and would cost thousands of Dollars as the treatments where snail slow while each hair had to be treated one by one. That is the main reason why people by the home laser hair removal’s systems, they are faster and more affordable than the electrolysis hair removal.

The eGlide Roller 100% Safe for Dark Skin

The new Verseo eGlide Electrolysis Roller, has managed to overcome the two main drawbacks of needle Electrolysis treatments saving time & money – and safer for dark skin hair removal needs.

  1. The eGlide is not a needle hair-hunt electrolysis, but a Galvanic electrolysis which means the current is transmitted with the aid of a gel and enters the hair root and destroys it, never to grow again! So the treatments are fast! Like the Me my Elos, just glide on the skin.
  2. The eGlide Is safe for dark skin, as there is no effect on the Melanin and skin color and any skin hair can be treated. Safe and painless.
  3. Well, one good reason to buy this hair removal system is that compared to the other options it is unbelievably cheap! The eGlide is sold for around $90, which is 10% from the top hair removal niche the Me my Elos, and 20% of the home laser systems.

So if the price has some effect on your decision, and you wish a permanent hair removal method which is easy and convenient at the privacy of your own home, than the eGlide Roller can be it. On top of everything it is safe for facial hair removal too.


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