Eyebrows Hair Removal Safety

How To Safely Remove Hair From Eyebrows

Eyebrows hair removal methodsThe eyebrows are very important part of our face as they give us the unique look and emphasis our eyes. Part of shaping the eyebrows is having eyebrows hair removal. Since the eyebrows are so close to the eyes, here are some safety measures before you do eyebrow hair removal.

Eyebrows Hair Removal Options

There are plenty of ways for eyebrows hair removal, here you can read not only on the options to choose from but also on how to preform this safely.

Tweezing Eyebrows Hair

This may be the most easy way to remove eyebrows hair. In order to reform it it is recommended you have a fine grip on the tweezers, try not to do it with old tweezers as it may hurt and cause you infections if you pluck hairs and they break inside the skin. Do the tweezing when your skin is warm (after or during hot bath or shower) and the skin is softer, a fog-less mirror can be of great use.

Waxing Eyebrows Safely

Waxing the eyebrows is not the perfect option for hair removal. Wax need to be placed warm (not hot) and spreading wax is not precise as tweezing or other hair removal options. Waxing can be done for the ‘Uni-Brow’ the middle part (above the nose), where a small layer of wax can be placed and used for the uni-brow hair removal. Make sure you use ONLY facial wax kit and not to over heat the wax. Keep it only warm (not hot) so it is not liquid and run to th eyes or sensitive skin.

After waxing a bright red spot will be seen, so you will need to plan when to wax or use a good concealer.

Shaving Eyebrows Hair

This is one of the safest ways for eyebrows hair removal, this can be used for shaping eyebrows too. For an eyebrow shave you will need a delicate shave kit. It can be a hand shave blade or an electric shaver for facial hair. Just like any other facial shave rinse the face, let the eyebrows soak some moisture and use some shaving gel or hair conditioner before you shave.

Threading Eyebrows Hairs

Threading is a traditional solution in many cultures for facial hair removal. The threading does the same effect as an epilator machine, but manually. Threading the eyebrows hair can be done alone in front of the mirror but will need some practice before. You will need to strong threads, they have to be thin enough to epilate the hairs and strong enough not to tier from the pressure.

Spring Hair Removal For Eyebrows

Just like the thread the spring plucks the hairs without any ‘traditional’ knowledge, it is a small simple spring that can be controlled easily to remove hair from the eyebrows. It is 100% safe, and there is no risk in using the spring close to the eyes.

Electrolysis Eyebrow Removal

This can be the best way for professional hair removal at home, or at the clinic. For the home eyebrows hair removal there are cheap home electrolysis kits, which can be used for facial hair removal too. Since in electrolysis there is no light or liquids there is no danger to eliminate hairs so close to the eyes. The only thing to note is that doing self electrolysis in front of a mirror can be confusing (left – right ).

Home Laser Eyebrows Hair Removal

There are two main options for laser hair removal, buying the full body machines (which cost more but can be useful for the whole body too) or the facial laser pens, which are rather cheap, but are good only for facial hair.

Buying a home laser system is not a solution for the eyebrows hair removal, most of the home systems are not approved for facial hair use. The main risk is that the laser light will reach the eyes and can cause eye burns or even blindness. The only home laser systems that can be used for facial hair are the lasers which are made for the small Med Spa and home use as well.

The DM 5000 laser and the DM 6000 laser can be both used for facial hair as they have a pinpoint laser tip. But it may be recommended not to be used for self eyebrows laser treatment if you are un steady and without protection gear for the eyes.

Small Laser Eyebrows Pens

Facial Laser hair removal pens These laser hair removal pens are the best option for laser hair removal for facial hair. The advantage of the facial laser hair removal pens have a small tip and they can be held precisely to the place you want them to be used.

Unlike the body laser systems, the facial laser beam is not as strong and when done in a quite private place can be a simple long lasting solution. Most laser hair removal pens are not expensive and can be the value for money solution for facial hair.


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