Facial IPL Hair Removal For Women at Home

Removing Facial Hair With IPL Systems

When it comes to removing facial hair with IPL at home, it seems all the IPL companies have no real solution. While men can shave to remove unwanted facial hair at home, women have much trouble to eliminate facial hair in a clean permanent discreet way. The most common option for long term hair removal is to go to skin centers and pay high prices for body and hair removal sessions.

Women who wish to remove hair at home and save thousands of dollars, usually purchase a home IPL system and do all the treatments comfortably and privately at home. The only down of most of these home IPL hair removal systems, is that they are not meant for facial hair removal. Most IPL devices come with a warning “not for facial use”, which might make them somewhat irrelevant for the women buying them, as they can cover only part of the hair removal needs.

The only IPL system which not only permits facial hair removal, but also has a unique facial accessory, is the Syneron’s Me my Elos IPL hair removal (distributed in the UK under HoMedics). The new accessory is a Facial Hair Removal Kit for Me my Elos, which can be purchased at Amazon (.com & .co.uk) and guides users men and women through a successful facial session.

The Me my Elos IPL is a successful and safe facial hair removal system for women due to the fact that the Me my Elos is NOT a regular IPL device, it utilizes the advanced ELOS technology which combines IPL + RF (radio frequency). The RF completes the hair elimination with no light energy, so the Me my Elos doesn’t need powerful (but risky) light energy for efficient hair removal.

Facial IPL Hair Removal Risks & Side Effects

There are always risks and side effects to IPL hair removal. It can be said with confidence that compared to ‘Laser Hair Removal’, IPL side has less side effects and risks, but each women and skin type combination acts differently.

The reason for this is that laser hair removal has a powerful light energy beam (the DM7000 laser  sends hundreds of joules per second) while the IPL emits a low power (up to 20 joules) flash at a wider spectrum.

But when facial hair removal is considered, the main risks stay the same:

IPL & Eye Injuries – When using IPL light on the face, the intense light is seen as a blinding flash, which should not be directed to the eyes. Though most advanced IPL systems have a touch sensor to avoid the pulse be released without full skin contact, the intense light flash is seen and can be felt. Unprotected facial hair removal endangers women who use the IPL system on cheekbones and sideburns, when the flash window is to close to the eyes.

IPL Over Dark Skin – Another problem IPL users are facing when they try to complete a facial hair removal session with IPL is damage to facial skin. When IPL flashes on darker parts of the face like lips, moles, beauty spots, tattoos or freckles – Side effects and pain could be expected. Because the light is absorbed by dark skin tones (higher melanin density) it causes excessive heat to skin tissue. This can cause side effects such as redness, burns and even scarring.

Excessive light can cause melanin cells to either get damaged (hypo-pigmentation) or to melanin over production (hyper-pigmentation). The result in both cases is white or dark patches on the skin. These could be quite unpleasant when appearing on the face.

Me my Elos NEW Facial Hair Removal Kit

FACIAL IPL Hair Removal At Home For Women The new facial hair removal kit by Syneron Me my Elos, is a small but effective value for money package. The Me my Elos IPL + RF system has two touch sensors at the sides of the IPL window which lock the system unless skin contact is felt. This protects the non-professional user from pulsing IPL flashes at the eyes.

The Me my Elos facial kit includes a pair of protection goggles (see picture of women). These should be used when ever treating facial hair. The goggles are special dark protection goggles that protect the sides of the eye from light, while allowing a clear front vision.

A white pencil for concealing dark skin spots is added also, this protects the dark skin from the IPL light flashes. Before the treatment draw over the lips, moles or tattoos with the white pencil. The white color absorbs less IPL light energy and will reduce the risk for skin burns and side effects.

Get Your Kit Here – Me my Elos Facial Hair Removal Kit


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Facial IPL hair Removal for Women

Using protection goggles and white pencil can protect women who wish to remove facial hair with IPL. This can be done with any IPL system though some of them have restrictions of the skin tone color to be treated. For fair skin tones (1-3) this method goggles + white pencil could be used with most IPL systems.


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