Full Body Hair Removal Treatment For 35$

Getting Total Body Hair Removal For 35$

Cheap laser hair removal at homeI wonder why anyone would pay 500$ for a body hair removal session? Doing hair removal at office clinics may be one of the expenses you could save at current times. Doing the same treatment at home may be just as effective ans certainly much cheaper.

If you have a spare 2000$ than you can skip this post. If you work hard for your money and have other plans for it, then read here how you too can do a total body hair removal session which will cost you 35$.

No magic here. Professional clinics use the same technology as home devices. Some of the home devices you can buy at Amazon have the same light/laser power as beauty salons.

Doing Laser (Or IPL) At Home

Once, before 10 years, doing a laser treatment at home might have been too expensive and dangerous. But in the recent years, home laser hair removal kits have become smaller, more effective and safer to use.

You can read the customer reviews at Amazon to see that hundreds of customers have tried it and managed to see results. Any one of them who would have gone to a beauty salon for the same treatment would have left there thousands of bucks.

Who should go to a professional beauty salon?

  • Those who need hair removal from the back..
  • Those who have a special skin condition which may avoid them treating at home.
  • Those who have dark skin or white/grey/blond hair.
  • Those who have lots of money to spend.

Where Did The 35$ Figure Come From

The home hair removal system’s manufacturers have two kinds of business plans. Some of them sell a machine which is quite expensive, but has numerous pulses of light. Others sell their machine for a lower price but require a lamp that has a limited amount of pulses.

In both cases you will get your body treated for a fraction of a professional treatment plan. Most machines cost 250$-450$ which is like one area treatment (legs?) in a clinic. An IPL replacement lamp cost 24$-35$ depends on the base unit you buy.

The replacement cartridge lamps last for about 750-1500 flashes, which is enough for one full body coverage. That’s two legs, two armpits, both arms and bikini line.

For effective body treatment 3-4 lamps/treatment per area is needed.

So the over all cost would be 1 system + 4 cartridge lamps = 450$ give or take.. Doing the same coverage at a professional clinic would cost up to 2500$.

So you can now make the math.. When home laser systems are so effective, small and cheap, why on earth anyone would go to a clinic where they would have to pay over 5 times more? Not including the time and hassle invested going there.

Pick Your Home System Below:

Remington IPL  (229$) each additional IPL Lamp ($25) Image below – Click HERE

Silk’n Flash & Go (299$) each additional IPL Lamp (35$) Image at top of page – Buy It HERE

TRIA laser (449$) No lamps, laser diode effective for one full body treatment – Purchase It on Amazon HERE

Low Cost Home laser Hair Removal

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