HoMedics me my elos Permanent Hair Reduction Review

HoMedics Me my Elos Hair Removal System

HoMedics Me my Elos Hair ReductionA brand new home hair removal appeared for the  UK customers which attracts so much attention and so much anticipation, the Me my Elos hair removal system. HoMedics has been granted by the Syneron company to distribute the Me my Elos in the UK. The HoMedics Me my Elos is the same product sold around the world under the Syneron brand name.

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Syneron and Me Elos Technology

Syneron company are the inventors and manufacturers of the ELOS technology, the same breakthrough ELOS technology which is used worldwide for millions of professional hair removal treatments. The Elos (now distributed in the UK by HoMedics) was invented by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, the head of Syneron Inc.

For those who may not know. Dr. Shimon Eckhouse (Israel) is the patent holder for the IPL hair removal technology too! The ELOS which is used for the Me my Elos is a giant leap for the IPL, as it takes the hair reduction process into the next level, the level of combined technologies in one device.

Syneron Elos Vision

Dr. Eckhouse has mentioned that Syneron vision is that the professional hair removal treatments move from the clinic to the privacy of the home use. Until now about 3 million ELOS treatments are being done world wide with Syneron based ELOS technology, and the release of the Me my Elos brings this new hair removal machine into the reach of more people than ever.

Syneron and HoMedics Me my Elos 

HoMedics Me my Elos is the same hair reduction system which is famous worldwide under the Syneron brand. The official announcement was held at 15/3/2011 announcing that mē will be distributed in the United Kingdom by HoMedics Inc. Customers from the UK will see the HoMedics Me my Elos hair reduction system sold at retailers and online stores.

The HoMedics me Elos hair removal device is not a cheap hair removal system, it is actually branded highly as a leading technology with no competitors. The real HoMedics Me Elos competitors are the skin clinics which charge more than triple this price for a set of Elos hair removal sessions, which now every woman and man in Great Britain can do at home.

What Is ELOS Technology

Elos technology stands for Electro-Optical-Synergy, this means that for the first time ever, two hair removal technologies are combined in one at-home hair removal system. While laser has many downsides and side effects, and IPL has some questionable results, ELOS can be the hair removal standard for years to come.

How Elos Is Different From IPL

The Elos has a two stage hair removal process. First IPL then RF (radio frequency).

First an IPL lamp, that flashes over the skin. The Elos IPL lamp does not need to heat the hair until it is destroyed like IPL, it just pre-heats the hair! Because the Elos light flash is softer than regular IPL lamps, it is significantly less painful!

Second, there are two Bi-polar RF transmitters which send a Radio-Frequency wave, which they heat the hair in the follicle until it is totally destroyed. The RF does not affect/heat the skin, and it actually not felt at all.

The result is a quick Elos glide over the skin, the IPL flashes periodical, the RF completes the hair destruction without any pain. The main benefits of the new Elos technology are:

  1. The hair removal process is painless! if you have tries laser or IPL you will notice the difference immediately.
  2. The hair removal is FASTER, the Elos can complete a leg within 10 minutes! Unlike 1 hour for a leg laser session, or 30 minutes for one IPL leg session.
  3. No preparation, an option to have Elos session without pre-shaving a day before. Me-Elos has two attachments (Me-Shaver or Me Epilator – Bought separately) which do a shave or epilate the skin during the Elos session!
  4. Better results (See below) the Elos is removing hair better than other at-home systems, with less treatments.

HoMedics Me my Elos Results

The Me my Elos has great results and some surprising outcomes in the pre-launch tests and trials. 89% of the women and men who used the HoMedics Me my Elos saw real hair reduction results after four treatments! This unique results are achieved by the two technologies which work in synergy the IPL and the RF (radio frequency).

HoMedics Me Elos IPL Hair Removal

How To Get ‘Me my Elos’

The best way to get the HoMedics Me my Elos Hair removal System, is to order it online through Amazon UK. You can find Me my Elos product page where more than 50% of those viewing it, make a purchase of the Me my Elos.

Check here and below for the Me my Elos hair removal system


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