Homedics Me my ELOS Quartz Hair Removal

The New HoMedics Me my ELOS Quartz Device

(Trumpets sound) The new Me my ELOS Quartz by HoMedics, was launched with the unbelievable 100,000 flash cartridge. Synron’s Me my ELOS hair removal device which was probably the best home hair removal device, was upgraded. The new model has won the ‘Quartz’ added to it’s official name.

Not that the former HoMedics Me my ELOS had any flash capacity problems. The former device had 5400 flashes in it’s cartridge, much more than any other competing system.

The Silk’n systems and the Remington IPL both have 1500-2000 flashes only. This means for a full body treatment a hair removal candidate would need to purchase an additional 2-3 cartridges apart from the main base device.

The new HoMedics Quartz system has 100,000 flashes in it’s new revolutionary lamp.

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HoMedics Me my ELOS Quartz Technology

The HoMedics Quartz Me my ELOS has numerous benefits other systems lack. The first and foremost is the ELOS technology. The ELOS Quartz technology is based on an IPL lamp that produce the intense heat which heats the hair bulb, a contentious radio frequency wave is transmitted down at the skin, and heats the hair follicle even more. These two dismantle the hair growth better than regular IPL flashes.

Because the RF (Radio Frequency) is not light heating technology, the Me my ELOS Quartz system can treat darker skin tones than other devices. The continuous RF transmitting into the skin allows the hand piece to be used in a gliding motion and not the old fashion ‘stamp’ (press and click) motion. So the HoMedics Quartz preforms a treatment faster than any other machine available today.

With the new Quartz (100,000 flashes) lamp, the Me My ELOS is much more cost effective than any other device. While others catch the customers with a rather low cost base unit but the need to purchase cartridges to complete the treatment. With 1000-2000 flashes in most systems (and 6000 needed for a full body treatment), other users will have the hassle of replacing cartridges over again, or seeing the ‘low energy’ red signal flashing..

The HoMedics ELOS Quarts hair removal may not seem a deal in first glance, but it holds 100,000 flashes which is equivalent of 18 cartridges (5400 flashes each!)! Now a customer can use the system as much as she wants, when ever she wants and never think of replacing a cartridge ever again.

If there are downsides to the HoMedics Quartz hair removal system.. we haven’t found them.

Me my ELOS Quartz Flash IPL


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