How To Choose a Home Hair Removal Device?

How To Choose The Right Hair Removal

Choosing Home Laser Hair RemovalChoosing which home hair removal device to buy, can be quite frustrating, especially when there seem to be many devices, and systems to choose from. How can one make a choice, should one focus on the price? the safety? what are the differences between the brands?

How To Pick The Right System

I am researching the hair removal niche for about three years, I think the first thing one should focus about would be to try and understand the needs. Some have a hairy body and need a system which can last for long hard duty. Others have small areas they like to keep hair free, like under arms and lower legs. Some need it for facial hair removal too. Some have blond hair, or dark skin which makes most of the systems irrelevant in the first place.

  1. What are your needs? Full body or local touch ups.
  2. What color is your skin? Dark? Tanned or white?
  3. What color is your hair? Dark? or fair/blond?
  4. What is your budget limit?
  5. How is your lifestyle, do you have plenty of time? Or are you a working person with limited spare time.

These questions can lead me to squeeze the vast options to some of the home hair removal systems you can buy at Amazon, which will serve your needs.

Your Needs – If your needs are for a full body hair removal, which includes both legs, arms, abdominal (bikini) underarms, chest (for men) back (for men), and face. Then you need a sys em which can treat these areas fast!

Laser systems work slow, very slow.. Pulse… wait 3-4 seconds… Pulse… wait 3-4 seconds.. Pulse.. with a pin point laser tip, it can take ages (1 hour) to cover a single leg.

IPL systems have a wider treatment window so they cover more skin in each flash. Their window is usually 3 times wider than laser, so it takes less time. Though the Pulse… wait 3-4 seconds.. Pulse… The rate is similar for IPLs.

ELOS (advanced IPL) can preform treatments faster then both laser and IPL. Pulse..Pulse..Pulse.. so treating a full leg can take 10 minutes.

Mind you, all home hair removal systems require repeating sessions 4-6 times, to complete a full cycle. So a 2-3 hour session is required for a single full body treatment with laser, IPL will do it in 1.5 hours, ELOS full body will be done in 30 minutes.

Being The Right Candidate For The Technology

Blond Candidate For Hair RemovalWithout going to the tech stuff, in order for the laser or IPL to succeed, the best combination would be dark hair and white skin. The contrast makes sure the light energy reaches the hair and warm it until it is destroyed.

So for both laster and IPL people with dark skin can not use the device, the skin will heat instead of the hair and will cause skin burns! People with blond hair can not use it either, the light energy will not be attached to the blond hair and no effect will occur.

ELOS technology, can treat both dark skin (lately approved by FDA to treat even black skin!) and is effective on blond and red hair. The ELOS glides over the body and after the light flash which heats the hair, comes a RF (radio frequency) wave. The two of them together do the job, while not endangering the skin tissue.

Budget &  Value For Money

As mentioned above each session needs to be carried out 4-6 times, and expect some regular periodic sessions every few month to maintain a hair free body. You can expect with all of the systems (if you are the right candidate) to see hair reduction after 2-4 treatments, and see hairs growing thinner and with lighter tone than before the treatments.

In each cycle you will use up to 750-1000 flashes to cover the whole body areas (aka two legs, two arms, two underarms, 1 bikini). Most IPL systems have a cartridge capable of 750-1500 flashes so 2-3 of those need to be purchased to complete the treatment plan.

Tria Laser Hair Removal System

TRIA Laser can be perfect for small area treatments. Though the laser is slow, for bikini line or underarms it’s the perfect machine. Precise, easy to use, cordless so you can use it in your own privacy.

Remington IPL or Silk’n IPL Flash&Go are both low budget IPL devices, they can treat faster than laser, they are less painful than laser because their light energy is lower. 

Except for the low price they have no advantage over ELOS, which is superior by all features and results. They are delivered with a 1500-2000 flashes lamp.

new pro ultra ELOS hair removal systemMe my ELOS Pro Ultra – The top of the home hair removal systems. It is more effective and has more user benefits than any of current devices. For those with dark skin and/or light colored hair it s the only option. The ELOS is by far better by all parameters. The ELOS lamp is a unique Quartz lamp with 120,000 flashes (!!!)which makes the system more cost effective than any of the IPLs.

So Which System Should You Choose?

If you have a small area to treat, go for the TRIA Laser System. Though it is not cheap, you will be able to treat the desired area easily and effectively with the TRIA device.

Me my ELOS Pro Ultra Hair Removal ReviewIf you have tanned or dark skin, than ELOS is the only safe option. If you have red, or blond hair than ELOS is the only safe choice too. Unless you are very tight on the budget the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra is the best home device you can expect to shop online. If you don’t have any cash.. and live on welfare.. then the Remington and Flash&Go will be a suitable home solution.


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