How To Do Men Eyebrow Hair Styling

Doing Eyebrow Hair Styling For Men

eyebrow hair removalMen should know that women look mostly at their date’s eyes, to decide if to give him a chance. Men who want nice and sexy eyebrows need to keep their eyebrows clean, thin, and contoured.

Having a wild bush growing on the eyebrows is unattractive, like nasal hair a wild bushy brows can implement to the ladies their man will never be looking groomed.

There are several ways to do eyebrows trimming. The important guidelines are:

  • Trim those wild long hairs growing out of the contour.
  • Pluck the uni-brow hairs between the eyes.
  • Pluck the small hair on the upper eyelids.

Watch this short video to get a sense how it is done.

Electric Trimmers For Eyebrows

Panasonic eyebrow hair trimmerThe most easy way to take care of the eyebrows, is using an electric grooming trimmer. These are cheap and effective devices with have a rotating trimming probe. You only have to glide the trimmer along the area which you wish to clear of hairs.

The Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer Wet/Dry with Vortex Cleaning System is one of the best selling men grooming devices. The tip plucks the hair precisely where you want it.

You need to be in front of a mirror to avoid embarrassing mistakes.. You do not want to loose your eyebrows. They have important part in your facial expressions.

Waxing The Eyebrows

Nostril Waxing Kit Hair RemovalAnother way to get the eyebrows straight, is to use a waxing and a small applicator. You can use the NAD’s Nose Wax for Men & Women, which has a tiny applicator and wax you can use to rip away the unwanted hair between the brows.

After several times the hair may begin to grow thinner and weaker, and the unibrow area will remain smooth and hair free for longer periods of time.

Delicate One by One Hair Removal

Can be done with tweezers. You just pluck the hair which is not in place. do it with a mirror. Grab each hair close to it’s base. Pull with one thrust.

To reduce the pain, you can do it after a warm bath, then the skin is soft, and the plucking is easier. A cheap way to numb the skin, is to place an ice pack between the eyebrows for a few seconds before you begin.


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