How To Get Rid Of A Wart On Your Toe

Get Rid Of Warts On Feet Toes

Having a wart at the feet can be a very unpleasant thing, it itches and irritates and can make your day – hell. This is twice as true when it trying to get rid of a wart on your toe. Since the toes are most of the time packed away inside the socks and shoes, getting a real wart removal treatment is a bit more complicated.

Few Words About Warts

A wart is a area in the skin which was infected by a virus. There are several types of warts, mostly there are:

      • Common wart – Rough skin usually pops out on hands and fingers (see here more on removing finger warts)
      • Flat wart – Can show any were over the body, but usually over the face and neck.
      • Genital wart – Unpleasant nasty warts..
      • Plantar wart – (Caused by human papillomavirus) Rough rounded wart, can be painful, usually found at feet and toes (pressure areas)

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          When seeking assistance in skin warts removal, solutions have too many variants. There are more than 10 kinds of warts, many skin types, and immune systems, so not every type of wart or virus will preform as expected when it comes to wa

rt removal from your toe. 

          But the basics are the same so following the simple steps may help your get r

id of the wart on your foot.One other thing worth knowing about warts is that they they are contagious! So their treatment should be careful and precise not to cause the wart to move over and enter the skin at other places. Then you will have more and more warts popping at different locations, and this is something you absolutely want to avoid.

Surgery And Other Expensive Solutions

If you are reading this here, you are probably not seeking a laser surgery to remove your wart. These options are far to expensive, though they are very efficient! Before you try one of the laser solutions to warts removal, you must let your doctor (dermatologist) see the wart and give you their opinion. These surgery and laser treatments are usually not covered by medical insurance policies, as they are more cosmetic than medical.

Removing The Wart On Your Toes -D.I.Y

You can certainly take a try and remove the warts at your toes by yourself. The basic thing to know is that the wart is cause by a virus, and a virus is a living thing. Like other living creatures it need the right environment to survive. Once you terminate the pleasant environment the virus lives in, you will terminate the virus and see the wart drop off.

Suffocate It Out Of Air

There are plenty of ideas and ways how to suffocate a wart. The idea is to eliminate air to reach the virus, to cause it to slow down, and die. The most simple advise is to use duck-tape. Before you apply it, clean the skin with soap and water, than when the skin is still damp, use a air tight duck tape to cover the wart. This can be a slow process, and take several days or weeks. Some advice not to change the tape, others advice to change it daily (to keep place clean).

Instead of duck-tape you can use any kind of air tight tape, scotch tape, masking tape. Cut a piece which is large enough to cover the wart and skin around it, and press if firmly over the wart.

A Chemical Wart Warfare

There are plenty of chemical substances which can cause the wart and virus to die. Use salicylic acid with a cotton pick to moist the wart. Some advise to cover the wart with a home-made-chemical-bomb.. Mixing vitamin C tablet, an Aspirin tablet, and Castor oil all mixed together and placed under a band-aid plaster.

This can be little uncomfortable when the wart is on the toe. Because walking to work or school with such a thick plaster is awkward solution, but the chemical mix might eliminate the virus within a day or two.

A Biological Wart Warfare

There are several natural remedies which can eliminate warts, here you will see some of them. Natural remedies for warts can be vinegar or apple vinegar, placed on a cotton bud covering the wart for a night. Some exotic solution can be or covering the wart with a banana peel (more related to suffocate it naturally) but not relevant for toe warts, because it is impossible to wear inside shoes.

Removing Wart From Foot – My Story

The remedy I personally used to get rid of a wart on my daughter foot was – GARLIC. She was complaining that her feet were itching! She had a cluster of three warts red and ugly. I took one garlic I have peeled it from the dry cover, and cut into half. I have placed the open side with the juice wet part over the wart, and held it for about 10 minutes. I have refreshed the garlic wet juice by slicing a small bit off and placed it for 10 more minutes.

The next day, the wart stopped itching, and the day after it faded away.

Thats how I got rid of the wart on the toe of my daughter.

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