How To Get Rid Of Moles On Your Face Fast

Removing Moles From Your Face Fast

Remove Mole From Face FastOne of the most embarrassing skin disorders are the facial moles and skin tags. The facial moles are dark brown skin spots which can be seen clearly over the skin. Some people are born with them on others they grow and expand over time, everyone who has them doesn’t like them and they are even worst if you are a teenager or a twenty something single, because they lower most men and women self esteem.

Not Every Facial Mole Is Cancerous

Many people think that any mole on the face which is dark brown and large is some kind of skin cancer Melanoma, but that is not the case. Since Melanoma can be seen as dark spots with changing color and texture and size, the best advice is to let a skin doctor to take a look at your spots. While 99%  of them may be moles which can be removed, it is worth to know about the single spot which may be a beginning of Melanoma.

It is important the dermatologist will see the spots you have because beauty spots and moles can turn cancerous in some stage, and a biopsy needs to be takes to diagnose skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer and an early diagnose can help the chances for cure. This year a new skin cancer drug was approved named Yervoy.

Facial Moles Are a Turn Off

When preparing for a date, young people take much thought of their looks. A lot of time is invested in the hair and choosing the right cloth for the date or before going out, a lot of money is spent at this age to buy the ‘right’ cloth and get the ‘right’ look. Women invest time in makeup and men in grooming before going out.

But having a facial mole is a disturbing issue, since they do not have to be large to be noticed. Moles on the face usually appear as dark spots a the sideburns or besides the eyebrows. Another common place for facial moles is at the side of the neck.

There could be many other moles on other parts of the body, but these are usually covered by cloth so they are unseen at first sight. The main problem with moles on the face, is that they could not be ignored.

Hiding Moles On The Face

Most people who have moles on the face, before beginning to search ways to remove at home or have them surgically removed, learn of ways to hid them.

Women usually hid moles on the face using a thick layer of make-up. The moles on the face need a special treatment by makeup until they are camouflaged and color is well blended. How to hid moles with make up?

  • First use a concealer make up, this should be used as first layer over clean skin. Find a concealer which is light tone and place it only on the mole.
  • Then use your regular make-up foundation, cover the face like you normally do, and cover the mole with concealer with your makeup too. 
  • At last use a light powder to to keep everything in place.

Another way women use to hid moles on face, is to use the hair style to either hide the mole, or destruct the eye from focusing at the mole.

Men have an easier job, since they usually do not use makeup, some hide the mole on the face with a little round band-aid plaster as if it is a shaving cut covered.

How Doctors Remove Moles On Face

The fast way to remove mole on the face is to get a laser treatment. Find a doctor to diagnose the spot, and if it is a regular mole any skin clinic which as lasers for tattoo removal will be able to have this treatment done easily. This kind of laser mole removal costs about $150-$350 depends on the spot size, and the clinic prices.

Unfortunately most medical insurances do not cover laser mole removal, because it is a cosmetic procedure and there is no medical reason for removing moles from the face.

Some doctors may recommend  freezing the mole on the face or cutting it off, both procedures are quick but the second one may be more distressing, as the surgical process may hurt a few days late.

The main risk with these surgical methods is that a scar may be left behind. For some exchanging a mole with a slight scar on the face is not worth the medical treatment and the cost.

Creams For Facial Mole Removal

Dermatend Mole Removal CreamIf you do want a clinicly tested and verified method to remove moles from face, you can use some well known clinicly tested creams and balms. The best known brand is called DermaTend, there are several more brands but the best reviews are all pointing to this brand  of mole removal creams.

There are two kinds of Dermatend creams, one for placing it over a single moles, and the second is ‘extra strength’ for people who want to remove at least 15 moles or skin tags.

For up to 4 body moles and skin tags removal – The best cream will be the ‘Original Dermtend’. Some reviews claimed the Dermtend simply works and the moles came off after only 4 days!

For 15 moles or skin tag removal treatment – This may need the ‘Extra Strength Dermatend’ cream. This cream is meant for people who has a body covered with moles or skin tags.

DIY Guide For Removing Moles From The Face

There are several guides which help thousands of people learn how to remove body moles, warts and skin tags. These guides have home remedies which are based on natural ingredients, and natural stuff you can get at your local grocery store.

These guides are bought by thousands as they are much cheaper than the laser or liquid nitrogen options, and are less painful than surgery for removing moles from the face.

The guide for removing moles from the face, is an e-book which means once you complete the order you can download it instantly! So for people who have only Paypal and do not want to order creams and pay shipping & handling fees, buying an on-line guide is a quick option to discover how to get rid of moles on face, 15 minutes from now.

Most recommended mole removal guide: How to Remove Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Safely.


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