How To Reduce The Pain During Laser Hair Removal

Reducing The Pain Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal process can be painful, if you want to reduce the pain during laser hair removal treatments follow these tips and you will be able to pass through the laser hair removal sessions without biting a leather belt with your teeth.

Laser light turns into heat when it meets dark matter, and the heat destroys the hair down the follicle. Because each hair follicle is surrounded by nerve endings the heat can cause a painful feeling at every zap.

There are several ways to minimize the pain during the laser hair removal treatments, some of them as you will see shortly will need you to plan a head a few month and schedule the treatments to the right season for hair removal, other tips regard the session it self.

Plan The Hair Removal Sessions To Reduce Discomfort

Laser hair removal should be planned a head. It is not like shaving or waxing where you can be spontaneous and find a free afternoon to shave or wax. laser hair removal takes a few month to complete, as the sessions are spread a few weeks apart, and 6-8 sessions are usually needed to cover a specific body area hair removal.

Concerning the best time for laser hair removal there are two routes to pick from, the ‘safe’ route or the ‘pain management’ route. The safest time to begin a laser treatment is September-October (Autumn) because the sessions will be over at mid winter and the skin will not be exposed to UV light rays until spring time.

The route to reduce pain and discomfort of laser hair removal, is to begin the treatments at the end of the winter! Because then the skin is pale and the contrast with the hair tone is at the highest point. When the skin is pale (low melanin  production) the laser will heat the skin less and less power will be needed to destruct the hair in the follicle.

Another tip is not to tan the skin before laser hair removal sessions. A tanned skin hair removal will be much more painful than a treatment on a skin which was not sun bathed deeply. When the skin is dark more energy is used on each skin spot to make sure the hair gets enough light.

Using The Right Laser Machine For You

Reducing Pain Of Laser Hair Removal

There are plenty of laser systems to buy and to use. If you plan on a home laser hair removal system, you should know these have less power than the laser machines at the hair removal clinic. So expect the treatments at the laser clinic to be more painful than those done at home.

The home laser removal machines all have several levels of energy. They recommend that you use the highest level, as long as you can stand the pain. If you feel the zapping is too painful you can decrease the energy level emitted at every pulse of light. The decreased energy levels are also less efficient completing the hair removal process.

Another way may be to lower the level when doing the session on a sensitive skin area, so when doing legs hair removal use the highest level and when doing the upper thighs lowering the energy to a level in which you can stand the pain.

When at the laser clinic, see that they are using the right laser machine with the best laser wavelength for your skin type. There are lasers which penetrate deeply into the skin layers and others with shorter wavelength that skim the top layers. Ask the cosmetic laser technician which laser type are they planning to use, and if there is a less painful laser to choose from.

For example the Nd:YAG Laser is less painful than the Ruby Laser.

Be Prepared For The Laser Treatment

Getting prepared for the laser treatments can help you reduce the pain involved with the laser sessions.

  • Do not wax the hair! Waxing pulls the hairs from the roots, thus leaving less dark matter inside the skin for the laser light to reach. With less dark matter (hair) in the epidermis (top skin layer) the light will heat the skin.
  • Shave 24 hours prior to a session. Shaving is recommended before laser hair removal sessions. When shaving the hair which is outside the skin is removed and the light will be absorbed better inside the skin.
  • Remove any creams, deodorants, lotions and skin balms. These can make the skin shine or fill the follicle with substance which may cause more heat and pain.
  • If your skin is dark, you may want to bleach the skin with skin lightening creams a few weeks before. Light tone skin is less painful to treat than dark skin.
  • Not during premenstrual. For women, reducing pain during the laser session is just not doing them during the premenstrual. The hormone changes makes the pain increase and the body less durable to it.

Less Painful Laser Hair Removal Session

The last art of this review will be to ways to reduce the pain during the laser hair removal session. The two main ways are to either cool the place before and right after the laser procedure, and to use a numbing gel.

One cool 🙂 method is to use ice packs! Yes ice packs before the skin is treated and ice packs just after the session is over. Placing ice over the skin, helps in two ways, ice will be cooling the skin and ice is numbing the skin too. Other cooling options can be laser hair removal cooling gels. These cooling gels do not interfere with the laser and a thick layer can calm the skin.

The second thing is applying topical anesthetic cream an hour before the treatment. Such numbing creams will make the treatment less painful and the hair removal process more bearable. Numbing creams are not expensive and worth the investment to minimize the pain and discomfort.

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