IPL or Laser? Which Is Better

Most Effective Hair Removal Technology

Tria Laser Hair Removal SystemThere is a long endless discussion between laser fans and IPL fans which is the best technology for hair removal. Those who favor laser say that the focused beam creates more heat and is more effective. Those who favor IPL say that the wider beam and larger treatment window get better results.

It is actually quite difficult to decide which of the two technologies is better.

First we have to honest and let you know that non of the technologies can do “Hair Removal” they can both only promise “Hair Reduction“. The difference is that hair reduction is not a permanent situation and hair can be expected for some people at some point to grow back. Laser and IPL can both help to reach up to 70%-80% hair reduction.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPLBut not all people can expect such great results. These results are for people which have the right skin and hair contrast. The best contrast is when people have white skin and black hairs. When this is the situation all of the light energy pulsed at the skin will be absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair and the intense heat will eliminate it.

Both IPL and laser and CAN NOT TREAT DARK SKIN. People who have dark skin can not use IPL or laser. Most of the home light based systems have a safety sensor to prevent light from being pulsed on dark skin.

IPL & Laser – The Pain Factor

Laser and IPL both emit light energy at the skin. The light energy is measured in joules per square centimeter which can be seen in the device manual as: j/cm².

Topical Anesthetic Gel For Hair RemovalThe laser beam is high energy light on a small treatment spot. All the energy is concentrated in a small spot which makes the energy level higher. Some home laser systems have up to 20 j/cm² when the highest level is used.

The zapping sensation of 20 j/cm² can be quite painful, and most of the people who do home laser hair removal buy Lidocaine 4% which is a deep penetrating numbing gel for fast numbing effect.

The IPL uses a bright light flash, like a camera flash, which sends a wider beam of intense light. Most IPL devices use a lower amount of joules, between 3-9 j/cm². The IPL sensation is less painful and most of the users do not need and numbing gel.

So Laser Or IPL

As you can see there is no clean cut answer. They are just too different.

A laser session can be very time consuming because the laser tip is small (1 cm²) and there are 2 seconds interval between each laser pulse. So completing a leg hair removal session can take an hour!

IPL has a wider treatment window (4-6 cm²) and with the same 2 second interval between pulses it can cover more skin with each pulse, so a leg session can take 30 minutes.

TRIA LASER 4XThe leading home laser system for home use today, is the TRIA LASER. It is FDA approved and has thousands of loyal customers all around the world.The current systems are the fourth upgrade of the original TRIA, so they get the 4X generation added to their name.

You can check what they have written before you purchase at the  TRIA LASER item’s page at Amazon.

Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based Ipl HairThe most recent IPL system released is the Veet InfiniSilk IPL! It’s a compact device which has all the IPL best features including a dual operating mode, static and glide motion. With five energy levels and a corded operation for continuous sessions.

It is currently the best selling item at Amazon for the hair removal category. With a great value for money.

You can check customers reviews and ratings for the Veet InfiniSilk IPL here.


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