Is Laser Hair Removal Safe on Private Parts

Laser Hair Removal Safety On Genitales

Laser hair removal from private partsLaser hair removal is a very common way for removing hair from different body parts. Many search ways to remove hair from the sexual private parts, and having laser hair removal on genitales is one of the ways they are inquiring about. In this review you can read about the safety of laser hair removal on genitals.

Most home laser systems use lasers that do not penetrate too deeply into the skin, and laser light do not damage DNA, even though most dermatologist would not recommend having laser light beam at mens testicles and scrotum hair. The heat can damage fertility and damage the sperm quality, so from all the hair removal options for the scrotum and testicles – laser is the least recommended.

Laser Hair Removal Safety For Private Parts

Before you try to remove your hair with laser from the private parts of the body, you need to know some of the basic laser safety information and advice. Check if the facts you read here are relevant for your scrotum hair too.

Laser hair removal works by turning light into heat. The laser beam is a concentrated light energy that is projected at one spot, usually a very precise pin-point tip. The light is absorbed by dark matter, in most cases it will be the hair which is darker than the skin, and the energy is transformed from light into heat, and the hair gets destroyed.

Laser hair removal process is not pleasant, it is rather painfully. Though most home laser systems like the NEW Tria laser system or the DM 5000 laser have 3-5 energy levels, they usually recommend to use the highest level you can stand the pain for, because lower levels might mean there will not be enough heat for destroying the hair and more sessions will be needed.

Laser Hair Removal On Sensitive Skin

Most people who have done laser treatments refer to the pain as a strong rubber band ‘snap’ on the skin, this ‘Zapping’ is painful, but can be reduced using some anesthetics creams. When it comes to sensitive skin, the pain can be unbearable and very painful.

Since the hair has 3 main life cycle stages: Growth, Living, Dying and the laser is relevant only growing stage called – Anagen – The first stage of your hair’s life cycle. The laser hair removal treatment needs to be done every 2-3 weeks to capture all hairs in all their cycle stages for up to 3 month.

If the pubic hair area is sensitive for some, think of this hot ‘rubber band snap’ on the skin at the genitales and around the sex organs done every other week for 2-3 month.

Check Your Scrotum Skin For Safety

For most men, the scrotum skin over the testicles is darker than the body skin color, so while laser can be done on body skin, laser hair removal on scrotum can be unsafe. Laser hair removal on testicles is forbidden when the skin is too dark, because the light will be absorbed by the skin and not the hair – which will cause burns.

In cases that the private parts hair is not dark enough (red hair, gray, white or blond hair) the laser treatment on scrotum is forbidden too, as the light will not be absorbed by the hair and the skin will heat up (and burn) instead.

How To Remove Hair From Privates

Most people do not try laser hair removal on scrotum because of the pain, and the darker skin tone, which makes the laser treatment less effective.

Scrotum Hair Electric Shaver

The Clean Cut Shaver

The best option for scrotum hair removal is shaving. To make it easy most use an electric shaver (heard of the famous ‘Clean-Cut’?) this makes the whole process less painful and easy to follow. Though the electric shaving is not a permanent solution, the hair growth at the scrotum and testicles is not as fast as the facial hair, so a hair cleaning session would last longer.

Using and electric shaver for the private parts like the Clean Cut shavers allows men and women to trim and shave, without the dangers of laser burns and side effects, and with no drawbacks because of skin tone, or hair tone colors.


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