Laser Hair Removal Skin Discoloration

Laser hair removal skin discoloration solutions

Laser hair removal is challenging to achieve without harming surrounding pores and skin, and some lasers and doctors are better than others. Those with darker skin must be very aware about the risks of skin discoloration. One of the dangers of laser hair removal is hyperpigmentation this Skin pigmentation is generally the result of the unequal melanin production in the body. While laser hair removal skin hypopigmentation is irreversible ! There are some solutions to hyper-pigmentation.

TRIA Dark-Skin Lock

For those who plan to do home laser (or IPL) hair removal, it is recommended that the laser or IPL system will be with several power levels and safety measures to prevent a laser beam flash at dark skin complexion. There are three home removal systems that you may want to consider as safe and effective too. One is laser system, one is IPL, and one is new technology called Elos which combines two methods.

TRIA laser hair removal – Has several safety procedures to lower the risk for skin discoloration. There is a special dark-skin lock that disallows the TRIA to project the beam on skin which is darker than the TRIA allows. It is some kind of dumb-proof protection if a dark skin person would try to do laser hair removal and cause skin burns or discoloration.

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Silk n SensEpil

Silk n SensEpil –This is an IPL hair removal system, this system is very popular and sold globally with thousands of happy (and smooth) customers. The Silk n’ SensEpil uses light energy to heat the dark hair, just like the laser does, but unlike the laser the light flash spreads on a larger skin surface than the focused laser beam. This means less light energy per square inch or cm which makes the Silk n’ SensEpil less risky for skin discoloration. The Silk n’ SensEpil has few light energy levels and dark skin lock too.

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Me my Elos Hair Removal

The NEW Me

Me my Elos– This is the most refreshing home hair removal system for this year. The brand NEW technology the Elos (Electro-Optical Synergy) which means harnessing two well known technologies IPL and RF (radio frequency) in one hair removal device! The Me Elos hair removal uses the IPL to heat up the hair by a light pulse and while the hair heats up generate a radio frequency wave that destroys the hair. Once the RF can heat the hair, the IPL energy was reduced, so the Me my Elos is safer for dark skinpeople more than any other light operated hair removal system. It’s main downside, is that it costs more than the regular/older systems and for some it may be not affordable. Making it a hair removal system for the ‘rich and famous’..

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In order to treat laser hair removal skin discoloration here is a summary of  how hyperpigmentation treatments work. There are several way to deal with skin discoloration, the active ways destroy some of the epidermis (top layer) skin discoloration cells, which were made by the laser hair removal process, the body replaces those skin cells with different new cells, and by that lighting the pigmentation.

Laser hair removal skin discoloration

Hair removal creams safety.

Many use hair-removal creams that can cause skin discolorations. Many use them before or after laser treatments. Before laser treatments it is not advised to use defoliation creams. Those creams with unpleasant chemical compounds could damage your skin following a laser session. These creams could cause rashes and prolonged discoloration (reddening) of the skin.

Use either laser treatments or hair removal creams, but do not do both at the same time. If there is no hair in the shaft the light has no where to be absorbed and more energy will go to the skin, and can cause discoloration. If you wish to remove hair from a specific body area, use the hair removal cream for that area only: Legs and body, facial or bikini line. The hair removal creams are not the same and the hairs are not the same either on different body areas.


Safety procedures tip for sun discoloration.

One of the best hair removal safety tips will be that you apply Sun Protection cream with SPF each day. The SPF is suggested to be +30 to be able to shield you from ultra violet sun rays. Wear a Sun protection hat with wide sides to shade your face, wear long sleeves shirts, protecting garments, walk in the shade. If you are sensitive to the sun, or live in a sunny place it is recommended you use Sun Protection Umbrella. Stay away of the intense sun light hours 11:00 – 14:00. This safety routine may prevent additional darkening of your skin, discoloration, and skin cancer risks.



Health supplements can assist for skin discoloration.

Vitamin C may make the skin, particularly the discolored place less vulnerable to the sun’s powerful rays and assist repair itself. Your dermatologist might provide you with a prescription for Retin-A, this chemical is recognised for being able to clear away the top level of skin more quickly. Since discoloration and hyperpigmentation usually are at the higher levels of the epidermis, stimulating the reaction of skin tissue to the epidermal growth thus whitening the skin tone. Lightening gelwhich may be bought at pharmacies consisting of glycolic or kojic acid they chemically dissolve the top part of decolorized skin.



Microdermabrasion treatment for skin discoloration.

Microdermabrasion machinesuses aluminum oxide crystals which are powered at the skin and instantly drawn away. Microdermabrasion is mechanical exfoliation that removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells.  It is a soft treatment like the laser and useful to treat hyperpigmentation mainly caused by acne. For your safety know  Microdermabrasion home machinescan be slight painful around the mouth, eyes and nose. Microdermabrasion works well on all skin types and colors, and there is no recovery needed after the treatment.


Fotofacial Pulse light laser for skin discoloration.

The laser light is concentrated to the skin discoloration place, there it turns to high temperature by undesirable melanin pigments. The energy of the IPL light uses broad-spectrum pulses of light which produces mini pores causing pigments to shrink.  Photorejuvenation then causes collagen and blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness  hyperpigmentation and Skin pigmentation.



Laser Skin Resurfacing– Breaks down denatured proteins into its amino-acid parts, which normally cause repairing of the skin structures this is equivalent to the skin resurfacing. this gets rid of skin skin problems like skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation. For people with darkish skin tone it might take a few month to get their normal pigmentation back. The laser for skin hypopigmentation, though successful are more rare occasions.



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