Me elos Syneron Safety Review

Syneron Me Elos Safety Review

In this short review you can find out safety information regarding the new Syneron ‘memyelos’ (Me my Elos Technology) home hair removal system. Because this Syneron Elos technology is rather new, and unfamiliar to many, there is request to understand more on the Memyelos hair removal safety compared to other hair removal devices.

Me my Elos Laser Safety

Many people search the web asking about the safety of Me my Elos laser system. But the Syneron Me my Elos is not a ‘laser’ system but an IPL hair removal. There is a slight difference between laser and IPL though in many cases they are referred as similar. Both laser and IPL are well known methods that do photo-thermal hair removal. Photo = light, thermal = Heat – They both turn light into heat to destroy the hair and make it fall off and let your skin stay smooth.

Here is more Information on laser hair removal safety, IPL systems safety and Me my Elos Safety.

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Me my Elos Is Not ‘laser’ It Is IPL

The term “laser” originated as an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. To make this more simple laser light is a light beam that is not spreading like regular light, so all the energy is focused and concentrated at the light spot, this means that laser light carried much more light energy at the tip of the beam.

When people read on laser hair removal horror stories of scarring and burns those usually occur at the laser clinics (and not at home). Laser clinics use several types of lasers: Ruby, Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG and when misused burns can happen.

  • When the wrong laser type is used on the wrong skin tone.
  • When the sessions are done too long at one spot.
  • When they are done too frequently.
  • When the cooling device fail to cool.

Unlike the strong clinic lasers, home laser hair removal systems use many safety precautions like the leading TRIA laser hair removal system that has a dark-skin lock, which disables the TRIA from treating dark skin.

IPL = Intense Pulse Light

Unlike the laser, IPL light – is spreading in space, and it is not concentrated on one spot. In order for IPL to achive the same effect, the light that flashes is intense, and the hair removal device needs to be with contact with the skin. Most IPL are considered safer than laser, as the light may be intense (to create heat) but the energy is divided on a larger skin area 1 Sq Inch. IPL can also cause burns when used on dark skin or if used on the same spot  usually when people try to overlap skin surface.

Home IPL systems (like the Silk n SensEpil) have many safety precautions so anyone at home can use them without any worry.

Me my Elos IPL Safety

The Me my Elos has two main advantages on regular lasers and competing IPL systems.

First of all, since the Me my Elos (Electro Optic Synergy) has a dual method device IPL + RF (radio frequency) the intense light.. is less intense. The Me hair removal IPL does not needs high energy power like regular IPL systems, because the Me hair removalhas the RF to complete the heat energy needed for the hair cell destruction. So while regular Laser or IPL systems transmit high energy light that may cause skin irritation, redness, soar, burns or scarring, Me hair removal uses less light energy which is safe and less painful.

The second reason is also related to the Elos technology (IPL + RF). While with other IPL systems the hand device needs to be ‘pressed’ at the skin before each pulse (which is also time consuming) there is always a chance that skin will be overlapped and for that treated over and over. The Me ELos technology, allows the Me device to be glided gently over the skin. So the session is much quicker and more safe as the energy is not pulsed again and again at the same skin area.

Me my Elos Hair Removal

Me Hair Removal Kit


Me My Elos And Dark Skin

Because of these reasons, the Syneron Me hair removal device is suitable for the widest range of skin types (1 to 5) and hair colors. While other systems have hazard restrictions and safety warnings the Snyeron Me Elos main benefits are quicker sessions and safer hair removal process.

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