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Me My Elos Hair Reduction

Me my Elos Hair RemovalAfter all the years were only one method was used for hair removal, came the new home system called ‘Me my Elos’ hair removal. This new Me my Elos hair removal system integrates two hair removal methods for safer and faster hair removal.

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Is Me my Elos Safer Than IPL

The Me my Elos hair removal is a safer, more effective choice for hair reduction, the new home system is using two well known methods that are already popular and reviewed – The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which is light transforming energy to heat and another bi-polar radio frequency energies – that turn into heat too.

When combining those two methods in the Me my Elos hair removal – it is possible to lower the light intensity used by the IPL because the RF radio frequency adds the extra heat needed to destroy the hair in the shaft.

So instead of high energy light pulse a lower light pulse is needed. When the light pulse is reduced many of the IPL and laser hair removal hazards are reduced too: scarring, burns, soars and redness. The Me my Elos hair removal system can remove hair without the side effects the regular IPL and laser machines had.


Me my Elos and Dark Skin Hair Removal

One other advantage of the Me my Eloshair removal system is that because the light pulse is less intense, and the light energy turned into heat is lowered, the Me my Elos is more safe for wider range of skin types and colors.

Until now when a person with dark (type 5) skin tone color wanted to undergo laser or IPL hair removal, they would have been rejected as the light used was so intense and it could have been dangerous for them and might cause them severe burns. The light projected from th eIPL is absorbed by the ‘dark matter’ on th eskin which needs to be the hair. If a person has dark skin, then the melanin in the skin would have absorbed the light and cause them burns and scars.

So for the first time in light hair removal methods like laser or IPL, the Me my ELOS hair removal can treat people who were previously disadvantaged and have been turned away due to their skin or hair colour.


Does Me my Elos Hurt?

Most people who use the Me my Elos hair removal system describe the feeling as a ‘hot pinch’ or ‘snapping’ feeling. This feeling is similar to the feeling described by IPL or laser hair removal treatments.

Since the Me my Elos hair removal is using a lower pulse of light with a quick RF signal, the sensation only lasts for a fraction of a second, and the Me my Elos system can glide smoothly on the skin and there is n need for hair to hair slow ‘hunting’ session.

The Me my Elos hair removal user will feel a warmth feeling when the handpiece is gliding over the skin. Some refer to a tingling sensation that is experienced for a short time afterward.

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Me my Elos Add-On Accessories

The Me my ELOS system also has a built in slot for Me Shaver or Me Epilator. When using one of these two on the hand-piece simultaneously the Me my Elos hair removal has actually 3 hair removal methods done at once!

The Me Shaver or Me Epilator shaves or epilate the hairs just before the IPL reaches the spot, so there is a short term hair removal for quick smooth skin, and the IPL + RF for the long term hair reduction.

So Me my Elos hair removal users do not need to wait for 2 weeks to see the hair fall, (it will happen) but enjoy a silky smooth leg right away! 

Me My Elos Syneron[IPL] Hair Removal System brings new hope for women and men around the world. Why wait and let this moment pass. If you have unwanted hair, and you are sick and tired of waxing, shaving and all the hassle of being smooth and attractive.

If you love your body enough to save it the pain and blisters that come with laser home systems, then invest an extra mile in your well being and be the owner of the most advanced home hair removal system in the world.

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