Me My ELOS – Pro Ultra Hair Removal Review

What’s The Fuss About Me ELOS Pro Ultra

What is all the fuss around the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra device? Well there is a fuss because it has caused all the other home hair removal systems to become outdated..

Removing body hair at home has never been easier. A few years back I would have recommended to think twice. The only systems out there were either junk or too risky. The only system for home treatments would have been the TRIA laser 1.0 which was a bulky, heavy, painful device.

Then came the era of the IPL, and everyone was sooo happy! IPL is less dangerous than laser, less painful and similarly effective. IPL machines were being sold by the thousands!! Beauty salons had to cut down on their prices and to offer “buy one area get the other for FREE” because thy were the first to feel the shifting of customers to home hair removal treatments.

And then came the ELOS

The ELOS is an advanced IPL, which used both light energy and RF (radio frequency). This combination has opened a new frontier for home treatments. The ELOS technology is safer, less painful, and much more effective than IPL! The patented technology was developed in Israel, by the same scientists who have developed the IPL.

The ELOS did to the IPL what the iPhone did to Nokia.. Made it irrelevant.

Three Generations of Me my ELOS

Me my ELOS first generation deviceThe first generation of Me my ELOS device, was a simple kit, with all the super advance technology packed into a small machine. It had a light theme blue color, and was able to treat a full body in 30 minutes.

This was a game breaker. TRIA laser would complete a leg in 2 hours! IPL systems would do it in 1 hour. And the Me my ELOS would do it in 10 minutes. It was a total revolution.

Hair removal at home became easy and hassle free. The ELOS cartridge had 5400 flashes, which was X4 more than other IPL systems.

Quartz Me my ELOS Hair RemovalThe second home ELOS generation, had quite a short life span. Syneron, the company behind the ELOS technology, implemented all the upgrades into the Me Quarts. In short the main upgrade was a new ELOS lamp,which produces 100,000 flashes. This means no more buying of replacement cartridges!

The Me Quarts can be differentiated by the black sticker on the unit and hand piece.

While everyone was excited about the Me Quarts device, Syneron worked under the radar, to launch the Pro Ultra system.

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Me my ELOS Pro Ultra Hair Remover

The release of the Pro Ultra this year (2013) to the markets had changed the segment. The new ELOS device has managed to outperform all the competitors in every feature and spec, and outperform the previous ELOS systems too.

The Pro Ultra is FDA approved. Until then, the first systems by Syneron had the European CE approval, but not the full FDA clearance. When they manged to complete all the test groups, and submit the results, the FDA gave the home ELOS the expected approval.

The Me my ELOS Pro Ultra is safe for ALL skin colors. For years people with black skin could not undergo any home treatments, due to laser and IPL dangers. The Pro Ultra is the first ever home system approved to treat black and dark skin types.

Unlike any other system it is approved for blond and red hair removal too. like other systems it is approved for facial hair removal (from cheek down), but the Me has a unique facial kit which includes safety goggles.

new pro ultra ELOS hair removal systemThe control panel had been upgraded to a nice sleek touch panel. The blue color had been revised to an elegant black them square unit. The system shares more info about the ELOS and the energy levels used.

The new system has an extended 120,000 flashes lamp.

With results of 49% hair reduction noticed after second treatment there is no other system out there which can be compared.

The price of the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra has been adjusted and it is now slightly more than “regular” IPL devices which deliver half of the features and results.

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