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Philips Lumea SC2001 IPL Reviews

Philips Lumea IPL Hair Reduction ReviewBefore you decide which hair removal system to buy, you better read carefully this review about the Philips Lumea sc2001 IPL intense pulsed light hair removal system. There are plenty of hair removal systems available for personal home use, some of which are good, other are a waste of money. In this review you could learn more facts about the Philips Lumea IPL system sc2001 model.

Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal Technology

Fact # 1. The technology used by the Philips Lumea sc2001 hair removal is Intense Pulsed Light – IPL. This technology was invented by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, as an upgraded version for the laser hair removal systems which had too many cons. (By the way, Dr. Shimon Eckhouse is now leading a new company named Syneron with the new Elos technology HoMedics hair removal called Me-my-Elos)

Fact # 2. How the Philips IPL manages to remove hair? This is done by transferring light energy into heat energy. When the IPL light flashes, an intense pulse of light energy is projected at the skin, the light is absorbed by the dark hair melanin and heat is produced. This heat destroys the hair inside the follicle and the hair root dies. Doing this for a few sessions will cause hair growth prevention. By  FDA  “hair reduction” = Is at least 40% of the hair will be prevented for regrowth.

Philips Lumea sc2001 IPL Treatments

Fact # 3. Many people get disappointed from their home hair removal machine, because they think that once the IPL flashed the body hair drops off, and like magic the skin becomes smooth. But that is not what is happening, the results from of the Philips Lumea sc2001 IPL device are not immediate.  You can expect 6-8 sessions and then some follow up session around the year, to keep your body hair-free.

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How Many Sessions Before Results Are Seen

 Fact # 4. To understand how Philips Lumea SC2001 hair removal treatments work it is important to know the hair three life-cycles. The hair grows, the hair stays, and then the hair falls by itself. If we would monitor the time laps of the hair cycle, it would be like this 15% of the time it is growing, 85% of the time it stays then it  falls off.

Fact # 5. For the Philips Lumea hair removal IPL to eliminate the hair root, it needs the hair and the root to be connected so the heat will be transfered to the root. So in any given moment when you do a Philips Lumea hair removal session, you are actually treating only 15% – 20% of the hairs, which are at their growing stage. You need 4-6 sessions, two or three weeks apart to cover the hairs in their growing stage, as see less hair growth.

This is true to any light based hair removal device you will ever buy – Tria Laser, Me my Elos, DM6000, Philips Lumea, Rio Systems, Silk’n SensEpil etc.

Philips Lumea IPL sc2001 Five Pros

Philips Lumea IPL Bikini line hair removalFact # 6. The Philips is suitable for a wide diversity of skin and hair tone combinations. Hair colors allowed for Philips IPL treatments include dark blond hair, brown, dark brown and black hair. Skin tone colors allowed to be treated safely are white, beige, light brown, mid brown and dark brown.

Fact # 7. The Philips Lumea IPL has 5 levels of light energy. This makes it best for treating different levels of skin sensitivity (bikini, upper thighs)

Fact # 8. The Philips Lumea IPL device is a cordless hand held system, you can use it anywhere, an do your hair removal sessions at the most comfortable private place in your house. Take it to the bathroom or in front of the TV or even at the back yard.

Fact # 9. The Philips home IPL hair removal machine works on rechargeable batteries, once you have finished your session, the recharging takes 1.5 hours or charge it 80% within an hour.

Fact # 10. The IPL cartridge of the Philips sc2001/00 IPL is a long lasting IPL cartridge lamp. While competitor cartridges empty after 750 pulses, the Philips lamp will go on and on for thousands of flashes. It is designed for 50,000 light pulses!!! This means lifetime savings!

Looking for more information, not sure yet? See the Philips Lumea sc2001 IPL pros and cons page.

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