Removing Nostril Hairs Safely

Safe Nostril Hair Removal Methods

Nose hair removal for menNostril hair can be very unattractive, it is more common for men to have excessive nasal hair, but some women have it too. As long as the nasal hair is not showing from the rim of the nose, then there is no problem, but once those creepy hairs begin to grow wild, it becomes an esthetic issue you might want to consider treating.

There are several ways people get rid of nostril hairs, but some of them are not so safe. Here are the safe methods to reduce the nasal hairs, and eliminate the esthetic.

Plucking With Tweezers Is Not Safe

One of the most common ways to remove hair from nose is by plucking with tweezers. If it is done for a single hair, than there is no harm. But tweezers are sharp and can cause inner injuries to the nose canals.

For this matter also small nail scissors are not recommended, they are sharp and can cause inner cuts and bleeding. Even a small head movement can end with a painful injury, which is not worth it, when the other alternatives are safer and effective.

Waxing Out Nostrils Hair

Nostril Waxing Kit Hair RemovalLike body waxing, there are nose waxing kits which can assist plucking nasal hairs.

The waxing kit are for men and women, and no specific branding for each gender, like with other cosmetic products.

The self waxing kit contains a small applicator which will pluck the hair only at the edge of the nostril. The applicator will help you to do it safely and not wax too deeply.

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Electric Trimmers For Nasal Hair

Panasonic nose hair trimmerThere are numerous of electric trimmers available for nose hair trimming. From all the nose hair removal methods, this is the least painful and safest way. The trimmers clip the hair a few millimeters from the skin, so no hair can be seen popping out.

Most of the trimmers are battery operated, they have a small probe which rotates and trims the hair. These trimmers can be used to trim other awkward body hair, like ear hair or finger hair.

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The thin tip should be inserted to the edge of the nostril, and moved around until all the excessive hair is clipped.


Avoid pain and infections, which are side effects of plucking and inserting tweezers up the nostrils. Use a safe method like waxing the hair away, or trimming it.


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