Removing Shoulder & Back Hair (With No Hassle)

Removing Shoulder & Back Hair Easily

Many men are trying to figure out how to remove their back and shoulders hair. The constant hair growth over the back, neck and shoulders can be awkward and embarrassing. Especially when most women will not say that back and shoulders excessive hair growth is an attractive thing in a male.

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The hair which grow on the back and shoulders can be a coarse and thick as facial hair. It would not be an issue removing it, unless to the fact that it is on the back and unreachable. Chest or abdominal hair of the same type can be removed easily by anyone, alone at their own privacy.

Back hair removal can be more challenging and may require to go to a professional clinic to do waxing or other treatments which are either painful or expensive like back hair laser removal.

Here are three solutions which can help any guy with excessive hair growth on the back or shoulders manage personal grooming with less hassle.

Get a Shaver Extension To Reach Further

Shoulders and Back Hair ShaverThe most simple solution is to get a arm long shaver extension, which will help you reach further than your normal arm length. Since the main problem is reaching the hair with a razor, the extension solves this issue.

The razor handle is convenient for shaving the upper back and shoulders. As long as you use a sharp razor, the blade will shave the hair smooth and close to the skin. This can be done even in the shower, because there is no electric power involved.

There are no moving parts, no additional costs, and no hassle and mess when shaving the back. Click here for this razor handle for back shaving.

Do-it-yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

Shoulders and Back electric trimmerThe second solution can be a Do-it-yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver. This is a special shaver which has a permanent extension attachment, which makes the back shaving a piece of cake. The shaver can reach anywhere on the upper or lower back, and with a few strokes you can shave the back clean. The lengthy handle helps you shave and see what you are doing only by a slight twist, if standing in front of a mirror.

The main con we can think of is that the personal back trimmer is not water resistant so it can NOT be used in the shower. Otherwise it’s the best solution for back hair shaving. Click here for the Do-it-yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver.

Philips Norelco Body Grooming System

Shoulders and back shaverThe last solution may not be suitable for every one, it is the highly branded electric trimmer by Philips Norelco. The trimmer has a built in shaver and trimmer, which allows you to shave the back and trim the beard with a single machine.

The system has plenty of features, like a long working session after charging. A rotating head for maximum close curves shaving. The log unit is 9.6 inches long, which can help reach further down the back.

Click here to get the Philips Norelco man grooming system.

The main pro for this system over the shaver above, is that it is a wet and dry shaver, which means it can be used in the sower, so all the stubble are easily washed away, and not stay on the bathroom floor or on the bed room carpet.


Getting rid of the shoulders hair and back hair is always a mess. The fact that one can not reach properly with a shaver makes grooming that area a troublesome issue. We hope that one of these solutions, the razor handle, the extra long back shaver or the wet & dry shaver, may be the right solution for you.


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