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Me my Elos User ReviewJust a few month ago at the beginning of 2011 the new Elos home hair removal system called ‘Me’ was released. Now about half a year later there are first impressions from real customers and Me users who have bought the machine and can review it. In this post you can read the current reviews of real users, and find out which are the pros and cons of the Me my Elos system.

From the moment it was released, the Me my Elos attracted a lot of interest from hair removal forums and potential users, because it was the first time that professional Elos technology was available for home use. The new Elos technology was accepted with some suspicious thoughts because not too many people heard of Elos hair removal technology. The Syneron marketing campaign have raised the expectations and the high price tag caused a high brand value.

100% Of The Users Gave Me my Elos – Thumbs Up

The Me my Elos as good as it is, is not the perfect home removal system for everyone. You will see below that customers have quite a few things to say about this system, especially because of the high price. Even though the current customer review rating at the Boots.com (online store) for this product is 21 out of 21 customers (100%) – Would recommend this product to a friend! 

The Me my Elos received an overall high score from all the users, with 4.4 out of 5 (23 reviews).

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Me my Elos Customers Reviews

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 The Cons Of The Me My Elos (Why Not To Buy)

Though 100% of the users who reviewed the Me my Elos would have recommended the Me hair removal to a friend, they had quite a few things to say about this system. The most common complaint was about the price. Many users said that though the system has lived up to the expectations, still the price tag is nearly double than any other IPL machine or laser hair removal system!

The second con that users have reviewed about the MemyElos is that the IPL lamp is consumed faster than expected. The lamp which was sold with the first systems was good for 3500 IPL flashes. Now the Me my Elos machine is distributed with a 5000 flashes capacity lamp. Nevertheless a new cartridge lamp is an expensive purchase! So when customers found out that the Me IPL lamp had run out of flashes it was very disappointing for them.

Underarm hair removal. It is not clear to my why, but many users have complained that the results in the underarm hair removal (armpits) results have been disappointing. While they were thrilled with excitement on how hair disappeared from bikini line and legs, quite a few reviewed low results under the arms.

Another place where results were less than expected, is the facial hair. Syneron does not recommend using the Me for facial hair removal, but customers do try it at home, and find that it is not satisfactory as they wished it would have been.

A Me my Elos user wrote somewhere else that she was disappointed because the Me Elos failed to remove her fair tone hairs. She was told by the customer support to epilate the arms and then to do the treatment, and as far as she have noticed there was no change. This specific customer would not recommend the Me Elos to others because she did not see the results she expected.

Users Review The Me my Elos (Why To Buy)

100% of the users who have tried it, would have recommended a friend to purchase the Me my Elos hair removal system!

There are several pros which seem to be found again and again in the customer review of Me my Elos. The first and main thing is that 23 out of 23 have seen hair reduction after the second or third treatment already. Some users review the results as ‘clear patches’ on the legs, bikini line, arms and other body areas.

Nearly all users have reviewed the system as painless or pain free! This is because the Elos is softer than laser and the zapping is less intense. Another thing users liked in the Me my Elos is that the sessions they do at home are faster than what they have been used too. One customer even mentioned that she used the TRIA laser and sessions took for ever to complete, others said they began IPL or laser sessions but quit them in the middle because of the hassle involved with the gels and preparations.

User reviewed that at areas where the hair did grow back, it was lighter and thinner and the over all result was satisfying. Though hair removal differs from each person, some user have described her results after second use as: 30% gone completely and 40% growing slower with 30% still the same in the most dense areas of hair growth.

Me my Elos User Review Quotes

Here are a collection of quotes of real Me my Elos users who have bought and tried the Me my Elos.

  • “Some hairs have vanished after 4 sessions some just grow slower and finer”.
  • “Even though this was a more expensive option than the others for sale I can honestly say it is BRILLIANT”.
  • “I purchased this product with high expectations and have not been disappointed”.
  • “Overall I’m glad I spent the money, I have friends who have other IPL’s and they are very jealous I don’t have to use any gel, it takes so little time and NO pain!”

You can find them all here.

Me my Elos User Review Conclusion

Me my Elos customer reviews are surprisingly positive, especially when this hair removal machine costs double than the IPL or laser competitors. Except for the price issue, which is relevant for the machine and the replacement cartridge, 100% of the customer reviews have been recommending this system.

The hair removal rate is a little slower than the marketing sales pitch expectations, not 89% after 4 treatments but close to 50% after 4 sessions. The fact that the Me my Elos is less painful and more friendly to use than other hair removal machine, can explain why customers love the system so much while the hair removal results are not obsolete.

Me my Elos Customers Reviews

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