The Smallest Laser Hair Removal System

The Smallest Home Laser Hair Removal

Tria Laser 4X PrecisionIn our world everything gets smaller! Smaller cars, smaller electronic devices, smaller gadgets. There is even a small home laser hair removal, which is just as effective as the larger bulky systems.

A small device has many advantages, it is handy, compact to use, not heavy, can be used at difficult locations, comfortable for long period treatments, more precise. This is exactly the name of the smallest home hair removal laser – TRIA PRECISION.

The Tria Precision Laser Pros

Tria Precision Laser SystemSize – The Tria Precision is compact – 12 x 10 x 6 inches.

Weight – It weights 7 oz which is far less than the 1 lb 5 oz of the TRIA 4X which is more bulkier than the Precision.

Body – One of the advantages of the Tria Precision Laser is that it is FDA approved for delicate facial use. This means that you can actually use it for the whole body (excluding the genitals, nipples and ears).

Price – Being smaller means you pay less! You can get the Tria Precision Laser at Amazon for $299.

Capacity – The Tria Precision laser has more laser ‘stored’ inside than the larger 4X. The smallest home laser has 165,000 laser flashes and approx 500 recharges, compared to the 90,000 laser pulses and 300 recharges in the Tria 4X.

But being small has some disadvantages too.

The Tria Precision Laser Cons

Tria-Precision-techBattery life – The Tria Precision battery life will need a recharging boost after 15 minutes, (compared to 30 min’ for the larger device).

Display – Tria Precision has no display panel, you can learn about the current setting by the three lights which signal the energy level used.

Energy Setting – The system have three laser energy levels, which emit from 7 joules to 20 joules, which is slightly less than the maximum of the bigger 4X.

Tria Precision Laser Safety

The Tria Precision has the same high standard safety measures like the larger 4X device. The system has a skin sensor and a skin tone sensor.

The skin sensor prevents the TRIA to emit laser unless the device is pressed at the skin. This prevents accidental laser pulses which can result in eye injuries. If the Tria Precision is not placed on the skin it will not pulse a beam.

The device checks the skin tone before emitting laser. If the skin is too dark, the system will not work. This is intended to prevent zapping of dark skin, which may cause pain and skin burns.

Best Candidates For Smallest Hair Removal Device

Tria-and-Precision-underarmThe best candidates who can expect the best results are people with dark hair and fair tone skin. When the skin is fair, and the hair is dark, the laser will mostly be absorbed by the hair, and heat will be created.

People with dark pigmented skin (African, Hispanic, Latin, Indian or Sun Tanned) can not use the Tria Precision Laser. On their skin the laser will be attracted to the pigment in the skin tissue, and will burn the skin! People with fair blond hair, grey or red also can not use the Tria Precision. Their hair have too little pigment and the laser will zap the skin too.

Buyer’s Conclusion

Tria-Precision-For-UnderarmsThe Tria Precision laser system is a perfect solution for doing private home hair removal touch ups. Due to the small dimensions its compact and friendly to use. It can be great for specific body area treatments like underarms, facial hair (chin, upper lips, sideburns, cheeks – Not eyebrows!) bikini line, and arms.

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For a full body treatment which includes the legs (and for men abdominal, back, shoulders, neck, upper legs), the bigger device (Tria 4X) may be preferred.

Images by: Tria Beauty


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