TRIA Laser – Eye Safety Sensor

TRIA Laser Eye Safety Tech

Tria-4X-Laser One of the main concerns people have when using laser hair removal, is the question “is it safe for the eyes?” or “can there be accidental eye damage caused by the laser?”. The basic answer is that – Laser is DANGEROUS for the eyes, but laser hair removal machines are safe.

The best selling laser hair removal system is the TRIA laser. They have two products which reduce hair growth using laser technology.

  • Tria Laser 4X
  • Tria Precision Laser

The Tria 4X is the leading hair removal, 4th generation system, and the Tria Precision is the smaller handy laser applicator for small hair removal needs. They both have the same eye safety measures, as part of their approval from the FDA for home laser treatments.

Laser Eye Damage

Laser is an intense light of energy, focused al at a small pinpoint tip. This light can cause sever eye damage if pointer toward the eyes. Even laser pointers, which are a child’s toy, can cause eye damage if someone is looking into the beam.

The TRIA laser 4X and the Tria Precision both use a far more intense beam than a toy pointer. Their beam is designed to create heat at the pigmented hair (dark hair) which will heat and zap all they way down to the root.

They both use the same technology to prevent accidental emissions of laser into blank air, which may end with an eye injury.

TRIA Eye Safety

TRIA LASER 4X Skin Contact SensorThe TRIA has a small sensor which is located around the tip of the device, like a small ring around the opening of the treatment window. The sensor needs to be pressed in order to release the locked beam. This means that the only way a beam can be projected, is when the tip is firmly pressed to the skin.

If the TRIA laser is operated while the tip is not on the skin and the sensor is not pressed, nothing will happen. The sensor locks the device from emitting laser into blank air.

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Tria-Laser colorsThough the TRIA can not emit laser unless placed on the skin, there is another issue of facial hair removal. Many people buy TRIA laser to reduce hair from all of the body, including facial hair.

Officially TRIA is not approved for any facial hair removal. One of the reasons is that eye damage can occur accidentally.

Though officially not approved for facial treatments, many customers do use the TRIA laser and TRIA Precision for facial hair reduction. They use it for chin, sideburns or upper lips hair removal. Even if you decide to use the TRIA on the face, you should NEVER use it near or around the EYES.

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No IPL or Laser Is Safe Near The Eyes

IPL vs Laser For Neck Hair RemovalTria laser is one of the safest systems for home use. It is as safe as IPL and other home hair reduction systems. All the light based hair removal systems have this eye safety sensor, around the area where the light or laser is projected from (see image).

In order to be safe, do not use TRIA laser near the eyes at any cost.

This means do NOT try to do eyebrow hair removal with either system (4X or Precision). Do not treat the unibrows with laser!

Panasonic eyebrows hair trimmerThere are other solutions for trimming and grooming the eyebrows, which do not endanger your sight or risk a long term side effect to your vision.

These are useful for nose, ears and bikini line, when a delicate trimming is required. A trimmer like this is recommended in any house.

A low cost precise hair trimmer can solve your eyebrow grooming problems, without risking any eye damage due to improper laser use.


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