TRIA Precision Is NOT Safe For Dark Skin

 TRIA Precision Not Safe For Dark Skin

TRIA PRECISION LASER SafetyTria has released lately their new laser hair removal device for home use – TRIA Precision. The idea behind this system is that customers can buy a low cost laser device which can be used for home treatments, especially for small areas and skin maintenance.

The TRIA Precision has many advantages compared to the bulky Tria 4X system. It is smaller,lighter and has more pulses of laser. Though the charging laps are shorter than the 4X it is very convenient to use as a small item at the bathroom (not close to water!) for treating underarms, and bikini hairline.

But with all it’s pros and cons, there are some safety notes worth to know before buying the TRIA Precision.

Precision Will Not Work On Dark Skin

Part of the TRIA approval for FDA clearing their devices for home use, they had to make sure their device will not cause skin burns and blisters to the wrong candidates who may accidentally use their systems.

The Precision device has a safety sensor which will prevent it from emitting laser over dark skin. If your skin is olive tones, tanned, light to dark brown or black skin, the sensor of the Precision tip may prevent the system from emitting laser and treating your skin.

Skin not Safe For TRIA Precision

You need to accept that this is done for your own good. Having a laser beam screening your skin at 20 joules per square cm, can result in burns, blisters and skin scars. The light is attracted to the dark pigment and heats it to very high temperatures. If it is a dark hair growing from a pale skin, than the hair will be burnt. If it’s the skin tissue which is dark, then the skin will attract all the energy and the heat will cause severe pain and scarring.

Only ELOS Technology Approved For Dark Skin

Though you may have seen TRIA or heard about it and read some of the customers reviews praising the results, it is not safe to be used for dark skin. It is also not recommended for people with light color hair – red, grey, white or fair blond. For the same reason, the laser light will not be attracted to the hair (too light) and thus it will cause the light to heat the skin.

The ONLY technology approved for dark or black skin is the ELOS technology. This is a new technology invented by an Israeli company (Syneron) which uses both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (Radio Frequency). The idea behind ELOS is to heat the hair by a flash of light and add a radio wave which can increase the heat without adding more light energy. Watch this short clip to learn about ELOS.


This solution was used for several years only at professional clinics, and now Syneron designed a compact home ELOS device called ME my ELOS. The latest model the ME my ELOS Pro Ultra, has been approved by the FDA for treating all skin colors! 

Me my ELOS Pro Ultra Hair Removal ReviewBlack skin, dark brown skin, Indian skin, Latin skin all can be treated by ELOS.

The Pro Ultra is also approved to treat all hair colors, including grey, red and blond hair!

If you have any dark tone skin or light fair hair color than the only system which is FDA approved and will be safe to be used is the Me my ELOS Pro Ultra.



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For your safety and well being buy the ELOS Pro Ultra and not the TRIA Precision. You may be very disappointed to find out the the skin tone sensors will lock the TRIA Precision from treating your skin. Before each emission the system checks skin tone. If your skin is darker than the system allows, no beep will sound and no laser will be produced.

If the Precision will emit laser, than you may find that if your skin has a dark shade it would be an extremely painful sensation. You then have the option to reduce the energy level settings, which means less effective treatment, or to use the TRIA calming gel, which may soothe the discomfort.

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