Use A White Pencil For Facial Laser Hair Removal

You Must Cover Pigments With White Pencil

White Pencil For Facial Laser Hair Removal

Only $5 Bucks For White Pencil

There are some basic safety guidelines you must always follow, when it comes to laser hair removal from the face. There are more guidelines below but the most important rule is to cover facial pigmented skin with a white eye pencil to prevent burns and blisters.

Currently there are no home based hair removal lasers which are approved by FDA  for facial hair treatment. The TRIA Laser system, is FDA approved but not for facial hair removal. The DM6000 Laser and DM5000 Laser do not have a FDA approval, but in their sales page they mention it is allowed for treatment on facial hair.

How can that be possible? The DM5000 laser system, and DM6000 are mostly sold for small Med-Spas and skin cosmetic centers. And in those clinics another qualified person will be doing the treatment on your facial hair. So if you are doing self treatments at home, no home based laser is really safe!

But People Do Try To Use Laser On Face

With all the restrictions and warnings, still there are many people trying to remove facial hair with home based laser systems. The main dangers are causing unwanted damage to the eyes. This can happen when trying to remove eyebrows hair on eye upper lids with laser (Never bring laser so close to your eyes!!).

Other side effects may be laser skin discoloration when the high energy light beam, alters the natural melanin production. Excessive production (hyper-pigmentation) will show as dark areas, lack of melanin production (hypo-pigmentation) will appear as white skin areas or spots, which is a permanent side effect.

Using A White Pencil To Cover Pigmented Skin

At a laser clinic when the cosmetic laser technician would want to begin the facial hair removal session, they cover the pigmented skin to avoid burns or side effects as mentioned.

What are the pigmented areas over the face? The lips can get laser burned when doing upper lip hair removal. So can the lip contour which is sometimes a little darker than the lips themselves. Also moles and skin tags should be covered too. If the skin has freckles they should be covered too as they are sensitive to light anyway.

There are two ways to cover pigmentation:

  • With white tape
  • With a white eye pencil

Using a tape to cover is the most safe way, because it can block the laser light from reaching the skin. It can be used mainly to cover the upper lip or bottom lip when doing a chin hair removal. When it comes to moles, age spots, beauty spots or freckles the only way to cover them is by a white eye makeup pencil.

At Home Laser Treatment On Face

When you are doing a home laser session for removing facial hair (even though you know it is not allowed!) you should take the time and mask all the spots and pigment areas you have over your skin. Use a white pencil before the laser session. If the laser gets to a dark spot (mole, freckle lip contour) the light would be attracted to the dark melanin at the skin and not in the hair follicle, which may end up in painful ZAP burn at the skin tissue.

Except for the immediate burn and pain, there might be a burn blister which is more ugly than dangerous, or a skin discoloration side effect may appear within a few days. To reduce the risk of skin discoloring, avoid the sun for a couple of days. Wear hats, sun glasses and walk in the shade. Use a high UVA + UVB protection cream to avoid further skin damage.


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