Using Laser For Neck Hair Removal

Removing Hairs From Neck With Laser

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This problem of excessive growth of hairs on neck and shoulders is mostly common for men. Many men find that their body hair is growing wild at the top part of their chest and shoulders and eventually there are excessive growth of hairs around the neck.

This is an esthetic issue as the hairs are seen at the collar of any shirt, and they may even be a turnoff for some women who do not like their man with extra body hair. While the hair on the face can be shaved daily, shaving the neck can be quite awkward. The skin is more sensitive and the constant shaving can cause skin cuts and bumps which by themselves are a cosmetic issue.

One of the long term solutions for neck hair removal can be the use of a home laser unit. These laser hair removal systems have become very popular in the last few years. Many men and women decide to save money and do a home treatment rather than go to a professional clinic and pay thousands of dollars to get similar results.

Laser or IPL Neck Hair Removal

The two most common technologies available today are laser and IPL (intense pulsed light). Though some say laser is more effective because the light energy is 3X higher than IPL, the IPL may be more suitable for neck hair removal purposes.

First its important to note that you may need another person to assist you with the procedure. Handling a laser hair removal device on the back of the neck is nearly impossible! Handling an IPL device may be uncomfortable or clumsy, but not impossible.

The IPL technology works by projecting a flash of light at the skin, the light is transferred to heat when it meets dark matter. Since the hair is dark, and the skin is not (for Caucasians), instant heat is created at the hair and it zaps the root from further regrowth.

IPL vs Laser For Neck Hair RemovalLaser hair removal systems have a tiny treatment spot 1 cm², (see illustration) like a laser pointer, so to cover all the neck hair growth, another person needs to hold the unit applicator, and move it 1 cm at a time.

IPL systems have a wider treatment window, 4-6 cm², so it is easier to glide the applicator over the skin at the back of the head, and still cover skin area alone.

Two more advantages of IPL over laser for neck or shoulders hair removal:

  • IPL devices are more compact than laser devices. So a smaller device is easier to hold and use, especially when treating the back of the neck.
  • Some IPL have a glide mode,which means the flashes are prompted every 1-2 seconds as long as the unit is pressed to the skin. Unlike laser which usually have to be step pressed each time to emit a flash of laser.

Here are two IPL devices which have these features:

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL safetySmall and compact IPL device by Philips. The Philips Lumea SC1981/50 unit has 5 energy settings and up to 100,000 flashes (5000 flashes can cover a full body treatment). The Philips is safe and effective for the right candidates (fair skin and dark hair).

One advantage for men is that the Philips Lumea IPL is white and not pink. Which can be easier for some masculine hairy Harley Davidson Bikers to use.

You can check more about it before you decide to order, read Q&A, and reviews of other customers at the Philips Lumea IPL page at Amazon.

Veet Infini’Silk Light-Based Ipl Hair Removal System

Veet Infini'Silk Light-Based Ipl HairOne of the best selling home hair removal devices, which is also compact and effective.

As you can see it is similar to the Philips Lumea. The Veet Infini’Silk  is FDA approved, safe and effective light based hair removal. The system has 50,000 flashes installed which are equal to 10 full body treatments of both legs, arms, and underarms.

Men might need more flashes as they have more body hair to remove, if you plan to treat the chest, back and neck. Check here the Veet InfiniSilk at Amazon it’s price is slightly lower than the Philips IPL.

Neck Hair Removal Conclusion

Removing hair from the neck for some men, is a quest! The unattractive hair can be trimmed daily with other means like electric trimmers, but for a long term solution, laser or IPL are the most obvious methods.

Laser may be just as good for most body parts, but for doing a D.I.Y treatment on the back of the neck, the laser is not really practical. The IPL technology uses a larger treatment window, which can be more suitable for treating hair growth on the neck. The device can be used for personal treatments done privately at home.

The two systems shown here are probably the best for removing hair from the back of the neck. The larger IPL systems, are more expensive and are more bulky to be used by one person on himself.


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