Veet Infini’Silk Pro Compared To Silk’n Flash & Go

Veet Infini Silk Vs Flash & Go

Veet Hair Removal IPLWhen looking for a home hair removal it is easy to get lost from all the brands and all the technology buzz words. In this review we will try and help you differ between the new Veet IPL hair removal and the Silk’n Flash and Go. We can begin from the end and say that the two systems are very very similar if not to say identical.

Veet is one of the best known brands for hair removal creams, in fact it is so famous it became a generic name for hair removal creams. Silk’n was a few years ago one of the most advanced brands for home hair removal systems.  Silk’n SensEpil system was awarded many prizes, but without reinventing itself it was over taken by competition, selling same products at half the price. Flash & Go was their answer to the smaller hand held devices, like the Remington IPL, which became popular for it’s low price.

It seems that the two companies decided to join and rebrand the Flash & Go system using Veet leading name, and Silk’n well based technology. The new device carrying the new name Infini’Silk Pro was released at mid 2014.


Infini’Silk Pro What To Expect

Veet Silk'n Home Hair Removal IPLThe Infini’Silk Pro has the same features and same case as the Flash & Go.

The system uses the HPL (Home Pulsed Light) technology which is actually an IPL. The name of the HPL technology is slightly different due to patent conflicts between the light technology inventors.

The device has an electric cord for power (unlike the TRIA laser) which can be an advantage as there is no need for recharging breaks while treating.

The Inifini Silk Pro has a 4 cm² HPL window just like the Flash & Go both smaller than the 6 cm² treatment window of the Silk’n SensEpil or the Me my ELOS. This helps treating precise areas like bikini line and underarms, but is a drawback when treating arms and legs as the treatment window is 30% smaller which means more flashes and more time to cover legs and arms.

The HPL/IPL are both approved by the FDA for light skin tones. As the product manual says you CAN NOT USE VEET INFINI SILK IF:

1: You have a naturally dark skin complexion.

2: Your body hair is white, grey, red, or blond.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Veet IPL

Veet Home Hair Removal IPLLike all IPL and home laser system (except Me my ELOS) the Veet Infini Silk Pro and Flash & Go are not approved for some skin and hair complexions. People with dark skin, tanned skin, Afro Americans, Latin, Hispanic, or Indian, should NOT use the system as it may cause skin burns. The HPL light flash will be absorbed by the skin melanin instead of the hair melanin and this may cause the skin to zap instead of the hair to zap.

People with white, grey, red or blond hair are not the right candidates either, as the hair does not have enough melanin to capture the light, resulting with the same danger. People with these types of skin or hair will feel extreme pain if they try to treat with the Veet IPL device.

Five Energy Levels

The Veet Infini Silk Pro IPL has five energy levels you can choose from. It is advised to use the highest level you can stand the pain for as it is the most effective level. If the pain is unbearable lower on level at a time and try again.

Veet IPL Silk Pro Lamp Cartridge

Veet Hair Removal IPL LaserThe original Flash & Go had a lamp with 1000 flashes, which was once the standard. But soon new devices and technologies hit the markets (like the ELOS) which had lamps with 5600 pulses installed and later a device with 120,000. The newer Flash and Go and the Veet Infini Silk Pro has an IPL lamp holding 5000 flashes. This is enough for 5-6 body treatments of both arms and legs, underarms and bikini line.

For those who wish to enjoy their Veet Silk Pro for many years there is a new Lux lamp holding 120,000 flashes which is sold separately.


So Which is the Winner? Veet Silk Pro or Flash & Go

They are identical systems except for the branding and the price! There is nearly $100 difference between the Veet Infini Silk Pro ($296) and the Flash & Go ($199).

Go for the Flash & Go, save about $100 and use the SAME system under it’s original brand name. If you trust the Veet brand you can get your own Veet home removal here.



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