Verseo eGlide Roller Electrolysis System

Verseo eGlide Electrolysis Hair Removal

In this Verseo eGlide roller electrolysis system review you can learn on the new technology to complete home hair removal treatments in a fraction of a price than Spa Electrolysis treatments.

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What is Electrolysis

Traditional electrolysis hair removal is a well known way for hair removal, and it is actually the only real permanent hair removal method. In the traditional electrolysis treatment a tiny needle is inserted to the hair shaft and delivers a small electric current (that’s where the name electro-lysis comes from..) the small current kills the root and the hair will no longer grow again.

If it is so simple, why do we need any other method? Well traditional electrolysis has many drawbacks that makes it not so popular. We will mention some of the traditional electrolysis hair removal cons:

  • It is slow – Since every hair shaft needs a needle ‘visit’.. and there are thousands of hair s on the body, getting large areas electrolysis hair removal can take for ever.
  • Expensive – If it would only be time consuming ‘hunting’ each hair it would have been O.K, but this can be professionaly done only at a clinic or cosmetic spa and can cost $1500 or more…

Because of these two drawbacks, many just skipped the electrolysis and turned to laser hair removal options, but those home laser hair removal systems cost $500 each and are not suitable for facial hair (Except the Silk n SensEpil which works from the cheeks downwards)

Verseo eGlide Roller Electrolysis System

Exactly into these consumer needs comes a new player at the home hair removal systems. The Verseo eGlide Roller Electrolysis is fairly good solutions that covers these drawbacks in traditional needle electrolysis and home laser systems.

eGlide Electrolysis Technology Review

The Verseo eGlide Roller Home Electrolysis uses a bright technology that does not use a needle to transfer the current that destroys the hair. The Verseo eGlide Roller Electrolysis System uses galvanic electrolysis method, this galvanic electrolysis means it uses an alternating current that passes through the skin causing a reaction.


eGlide Roller Galvanic Electrolysis

The Galvanic secret is that it is converting electrical energy to chemical energy. The Verso eGlide roller emits safe electrical energy that reacts with a special gel (included when you buy eGlide Roller) this conductive gel transfers the current to destroy the derma papilla – the foundation of hair growth at the base of the follicle.

Verseo eGlide Roller Pros

  • Safe for all skin tones (like all electrolysis systems) – Verseo eGlide is great for dark skin, tanned, and all those who cannot use laser hair removal systems.
  • Safe for facial hair removal – Unlike home laser systems which are not recommended and forbidden for facial use. This eGlide electrolysis roller can treat chin, cheeks, sideburns, eyebrows and upper lip.
  • Faster than needle electrolysis – Unlike the needle electrolysis the eGlide does not enter each hair shaft but can glide on th eskin like an electric razor, smooth and fast.
  • Cheap permanent hair removal solution – Unlike going to the Spa and paying $1500 (and endless time) for regular electrolysis, the eGlide cost a fraction. Unlike home laser systems and IPL that cost $500 the Verseo eGlide roller still costs less.


The Verseo eGlide Electrolysis Roller has some cons worth knowing. The Verseo eGlide has a special plan for hair reduction results should be obvious by 90 days. So for short term smooth skin this is not the best option and you will need to shave or wax for a few month till you see more permanent hair reduction.

(The Me my Elos System which is a premium home hair removal device (and costs like that too) has a shaver and epilator mount at the IPL device so you get smooth atthe same hair removal session, but for the best things in life you will need to say bye-bye to $850)

Another thing is that the Verseo eGlide Electrolysis Roller works only with a conductive gel… Which can make the hair removal session quite a hassle, because gel needs to be wet for the current to pass, than it will need to be washed before you finish and get dressed. But for $90 there is no reason to be too picky.

eGlide Electrolysis Roller Conclusion

If you are young and can not afford any convenient hair removal device, but wish to reduce the unwanted hair growth than the Veseo eGlide can be a perfect solution. It is small, not at least painful (Unlike lasers or electrolysis), cheap and affordable, in a few month you should feel the hair reduction. On top of everything the Veseo eGlide Electrolysis Roller can take care for you of the unwanted facial hair.

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