The Best (2012) Home Laser Hair Removal Products on The Market?

Which Products Are Best For Home Hair Reduction

Luckily for us, there are quite a few laser hair removal products on the markets which can all considered safe and effective. Not so long ago, searching for a home hair removal device was a complex task, because the systems had lots of cons and drawbacks. The main challenge today, is picking the right system for your needs, from the variate available.

There are three main segments for at-home hair removal products. Laser, IPL and ELOS.

  • Laser – Is a thin beam of light. Usually has higher light energy. The treatments are slightly more painful, and treatment process is slower because the laser spot size is narrow (1 cm²) – one leg treatment can take over an hour.
  • IPL – Intense Pulsed Light, is a wide spectrum flash, which usually use less light energy to heat the hair. Treatments are faster than laser, most IPL products on the market have 6 cm² spot size. One leg treatment done in 30 minutes. These products are cheaper than laser products.
  • ELOS – Electro-Optical-Synergy – Is a combination of two technologies IPL + RF (radio frequency). This technology is usually used at professional clinics and beauty salons. The manufacturer of the professional machines released a compact product of the $100,000 machines for home use. The ELOS is faster than all known systems – one leg competed in 10 minutes. The ELOS is more effective than IPL, and less painful than laser.

Here are the best products (2012) for home use in each of these three categories.

Best Laser Hair Removal Product

TRIA Hair Removal Laser Product The TRIA Laser system, is the best home laser hair removal. It is FDA approved, it is the first ever product for home use intended for the mass market use. The current TRIA Beauty Laser is the third generation of the product. The current TRIA has some improvements making it faster to use, more friendly to manage (digital display) and safer to handle.

TRIA is the safest laser hair removal you can use. It is effective for classic laser candidates, which mean pale skin and dark hair. TRIA is not approved for facial use, (though many do use it for facial hair removal). TRIA laser has up to 24 joules light energy used per cm² of skin. TRIA was sold for $750, until the IPL began to bite into their market share. Today TRIA is sold for $395.

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Best IPL Hair Removal Product

Flash and Go Best Silk'n ProductThis is the most difficult choice because there are quite a lot of IPL machines, which have similar pros and cons each. There isn’t one BEST product to choose from. Silk’n Flash & Go is one of the best products you can find. It has a fast repetition rate, and a sleek IPL headpiece.

The Flash & Go is faster than other IPL systems, and just as effective. The Flash & Go costs $300 and can be found on

Best ELOS Hair Removal Kit

Me my Elos 2012 Best Product On MarketThere is only one ELOS product available, unless you intend to purchase a $100,000 machine for your clinic.. For home users who just want to remove unwanted hair from their body the ‘Me’ my ELOS is the product to look for. The ‘Me’ operates by an IPL flash followed by a RF wave, which heats the hair further.

‘Me my ELOS’ is the most advanced product for home use today (2012). ELOS is less painful than laser and faster than IPL. The super fast technology can complete a full leg treatment within 10 minutes. Me my ELOS device has separate attachments which can turn it into a shaver or epilator, for a complete hair removal solution.

While all IPL have a lamp with 1000-1500 flashes, the Me my ELOS has a mega lamp cartridge which can produce 5400 flashes. So no extra lamps are need to be purchased.

The best at-home hair removal product on the market today – Me my ELOS – cost $690.


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